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English philosopher and jurist


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uk HEAD USED IN FOOTIE JEREMY Bentham wanted his head be preserved too - by a process of "desiccation" practised by New Zealand Maoris.
The edited works also contain the added description: "With a Plan of Management Adapted to the Principle: In a Series of Letters, Written in the Year 1787, From Crecheff in White Russia, to a Friend in England" (Jeremy Bentham, The Works of Jeremy Bentham, vol.
Jeremy Bentham, An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation (J.
3) To approach this problem, I consider the liberal reformism of Cesare Beccaria and Jeremy Bentham, which helped to pave the way for a transition from irregular, and usually corporal, punishment to the regular, systematic liberal justice system that eschews corporal punishment but relies heavily on incarceration.
Ezequiel Rojas, con su compromiso e insistencia en difundir las ideas de Jeremy Bentham y de Antoine-Louis-Claude Destutt de Tracy, no solo garantizo un espacio a esta tradicion en el pais sino que ademas busco adaptarla a y compatibilizarla con el contexto nacional.
El pensador ingles, padre del utilitarismo, Jeremy Bentham, en su obra Essay On Political Tactis, publicada en 1791, establecia que la transparencia de los actos publicos tenia cuatro atributos: primero, contiene a los funcionarios publicos; segundo, fortalece la confianza ciudadana; tercero, da a los electores la facultad de obrar con conocimiento de causa, y cuarto, otorga al gobierno la posibilidad de aprovechar ideas del publico.
La influencia de Jeremy Bentham en la mentalidad politica neogranadina: Santander y la construccion de un nuevo orden politico 1821-1836 (Tesis Maestria en Historia).
When we [thought of] Manila, we're thinking about the fact that this is also the 100th year of Shell in the Philippines," Jeremy Bentham, vice-president of business environment at Shell, told Khaleej Times at the event.
Speaking at the Shell Powering Progress Together Forum in Manila, Philippines on Thursday, Jeremy Bentham, VP Business Environment, told journalists from Asia and the Middle East that Shell may be an energy company, but that it couldn't act in isolation from the water, climate and food systems and the need to protect them.
Chapter 3, "Early Feminism," focuses on Mary Wollstonecraft, but a better chronology would start nearly a decade earlier with Jeremy Bentham.
21-22) percebeu que Jeremy Bentham era o "verdadeiro retrato do futuro", mas um "futuro antissocial, a solidao do homem isolado na multidao conectada", onde a "realidade da midia social e mais uma arquitetura de isolamento humano que de comunhao".
In five exhaustively researched chapters, Maurer describes a Manichean struggle between these opposing views in the writings of such figures as Maria Edgeworth, John Stuart Mill, George Campbell, Anthony Trollope, George Moore, George Meredith, John Locke, Jeremy Bentham, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, George Eliot, Charles Dickens, the members of the Young Ireland movement, and many others.
Para ilustrar los resultados que tiene aplicar la mirada utilitaria, Amy Gutmann cita algunos textos de Jeremy Bentham y de James Mill, los fundadores del utilitarismo, textos que resultan particularmente expresivos.
Among the entries are analog and binary utilitarianism, Jeremy Bentham, Christianity, cooperative utilitarianism, egoism, evolutionary theory, Michel Foucault, the harm principle, infinite utility, intergenerational justice, John Locke, motive utilitarianism, objective list theory, perfectionism, poor laws, rational choice theory, Adam Smith, Harriet Taylor, and value theory.
Uno de mis paseos favorites en Londres incluye una visita a la momia de Jeremy Bentham, que esta expuesta al publico en una caja de madera en el University College y que rivaliza con los celebres faraones egipcios embalsamados que se exhiben, a poca distancia de alli, en el Museo Britanico.