Jemaah Islamiyah

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a clandestine group of southeast Asian terrorists organized in 1993 and trained by al-Qaeda

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We and the Philippine government are concerned at the growing evidence of links between Philippine and international terrorist groups, including al Qaeda and Jemaah Islamiyah.
All the identified Southeast Asian militants hiding in the southern Philippines belong to Jemaah Islamiyah, the Southeast Asian conduit of the Al Qaida group once led by the late Osama Bin Laden.
We confirm that the attackers are from Jemaah Islamiyah because there are similarities in the bombs used," national police spokesman Nanan Soekarna told a press conference.
There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attacks, but terrorism analyst Rohan Gunaratna said the likely perpetrators were from the Al-Qaeda-linked Jemaah Islamiyah.
Jemaah Islamiyah is accused of carrying out the 2002 bombings on Bali which killed more than 200 people, a 2003 attack on the Marriott Hotel in Jakarta which killed 12, a 2004 attack on the Australian Embassy in Jakarta in which eight people died, and 2005 triple suicide bombings on restaurants in Bali.
The cleric, an alleged key leader of the al Qaeda-linked south east Asian militant group Jemaah Islamiyah, had served 26 months for giving his blessing to the 2002 Bali nightclub bombings, which killed 202 people, most of them foreign tourists.
But scores of Jemaah Islamiyah suspects have been arrested in the region over the past three years.
Applying the principles set out in the first volume, five case studies look at organizational learning in Aum Shinrikyo, Hizballah, Jemaah Islamiyah, the Provisional Irish Republican Army, and the radical environmentalist movement as though it were an organization.
August 5, 2003: Al- Qaeda-linked group Jemaah Islamiyah was blamed for a car bombing of the US-run JW Marriott luxury hotel in Jakarta, which killed 12 people.
Since 2002, Indonesia has been hit by a series of bomb attacks committed by militants linked to Jemaah Islamiyah.
In the air strike last Thursday, Armed Forces spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Arnulfo Burgos reported that among those killed were Zulkipli Bin Hir alias Marwan, Mohammad Ali Bin Abd Al Rahman alias Mauiyah of the Jemaah Islamiyah and Gambahali Jumdail alias Dr Abu of the Abu Sayyaf.
Last winter, Jemaah Islamiyah allegedly plotted a series of bomb attacks against the British, US and Australian embassies and other Western targets in neighbouring Singapore.
Jemaah Islamiyah are committed to establishing an Islamic state in south- east Asia.
Police said they hope a key suspect's confession will reveal more about the inner workings of Jemaah Islamiyah, the group linked to al Qaida that is believed to be behind the blasts.