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a follower of Thomas Jefferson or his ideas and principles

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The prosecution of the war under this political ideology created a disaster, and proved "a devastating failure of both the Jeffersonian and Jacksonian versions of the art of power" (p.
Participation in a Jeffersonian Dinner (record 6 to 10 concurrent conversations)
The persecution endured and the prosecutions waged on behalf of Jeffersonian principles are well described by Ragosta, with an emphasis on the struggle in Virginia where Jefferson's Virginia Statute for Establishing Religious Freedom had been adopted.
Laura Spencer, who plays the new girlfriend of TBBT's Rajesh, is also playing the new squintern at the Jeffersonian, Jessica Warren.
This is part of the philosophical difference between China and the United States: for the latter, political "process" matters more in promoting Jeffersonian ideals and ideas.
At times, Post's approach to explaining the Internet with Jeffersonian history is masterful and on the mark.
Now in a fully updated and revised edition, "Presidential Races: Campaigning for the White House", from the People's History series, is an updated guide, overview, and commentary on the process of electing President of the United States of America, from the early beginnings in a post Jeffersonian era to the present day, with the election of President Barack Obama in November of 2008.
Gutzman asserts that Madison should have known that Adams would not have been "a potentially reliable Jeffersonian voice on the Supreme Court" and that Story would become "John Marshall's right-hand man .
Relatives called The Jeffersonian Democrat newspaper in Brookville, Pennsylvania, after the obit appeared to report the woman was alive and well.
com)-- Known as the “Nobel Prize” for public service, the annual awards are presented for extraordinary, selfless contributions to the community to honor high-profile individuals who have dedicated their lives to public service and community enrichment as well as unheralded community-based volunteers and organizations that represent the pinnacle in citizenship and schools that best reflect the Jeffersonian ideals of citizen involvement.
The thesis of Howe's book was that a Jeffersonian impulse for the First Amendment, a Jeffersonian understanding of "separation"--as protecting the state from "ecclesiastical depredations"--had been ahistorically given prominence by the Supreme Court over a Williamsian "evangelical" impulse.
He declares that the Jeffersonian view is that nullification applies to the States refusing to enforce unconstitutional laws, while a broader view relies upon "personal conscience to judge the merit of the law and its application and to nullify a bad law.
Nobody thinks that Afghanistan is going to be a model Jeffersonian democracy," he said.
For American democracy evokes Jeffersonian ideals of representative government where individuals and states have rights, limitations on the power of government imposed by citizens, and competing political parties.
On a deeper rhetorical level, however, this voice subtly observes that the comedy and tragedy that happen in the town of Jefferson are the "troubles" of Thomas Jefferson; that observed, Light in August may be read as Faulkner's critique of a Jeffersonian legacy in Southern culture--most specifically, its racial implications.