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a car suitable for traveling over rough terrain

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Out in the field, jeeps soon turned up as ambulances, reconnaissance vehicles, supply transports, mobile forward artillery posts, and command and communication posts for officers.
The convoy of 4x4 jeeps first gathered at the Peshawar Museum at morning and then departed for Punjab in a rally to test the skills of driving in Cholistan jeeps race by the drivers.
As part of the offer, anyone looking to purchase a Jeep Wrangler will receive free Mopar accessories worth RO1,900 as well as have the opportunity to purchase a Wrangler Mopar two-inch lift kit at a discounted fitted rate of just RO499.
Yet a bit of Toluca is getting into the United States anyway one Jeep Compass at a time.
Yung anak ko nga mag-iiyak na sinabi na kagabi maphase out na ang jeep, paano na dada hindi na ako makahingi ng limang piso sayo kung wala na tayong jeep,' Batulan told INQUIRER.
Nine members of the Hooligans Motorcycle gang have been charged by a federal grand jury in California with participating in a sophisticated scheme to steal scores of Jeep Wranglers and motorcycles in San Diego, California, using handheld electronic devices and stolen codes.
Ulysses Abellera in expressing gratitude said the patrol jeeps will be a great help in this mountainous region where the some areas are hard to reach.
Mike Manley, president and CEO of Jeep Brand (and he is also COO, Asia Pacific for Chrysler) points out that the mid-size SUV segment is the largest in that category of vehicle, accounting for approximately two-million units of sales in 2012 *.
This is what happens when an iconic American brand is sold to a European automaker, such as Fiat -- and I, a Jeep owner, am not happy about it.
8220;We were also here to show the jeepers who are in the various jeep for the improvements that we have done on our products as a result of their suggestions.
Chrysler said the recall of 630,000 Jeep SUVs is unrelated to their ongoing dispute with the NHTSA over the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Liberty.
Jeeps were snapped up by all kinds of people but probably the most enthusiastic were rural residents.
The Italy-based automaker and Chinese partner, Guangzhou Automobile Group, are in talks with regards to producing Jeeps in China to satisfy local demand.
HE DROVE military jeeps along the front lines during World War II, carrying his cumbersome wireless kit with him.
In addition to the Willys MA78621, eight different production and concept Jeeps will be displayed at the museum at a time.