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French advocate of Jansenism

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2) In 1898 and again in 1901, he presented two papers on Euripides at the annual meetings of the American Philological Association in which he compared Euripides' characterization of Iphigenia with that of Jean Racine and J.
offers explanations for why the tragedies by French dramatist Jean Racine (1639-99) so affected their original audiences and continue to move audiences today, when the passing of the classical world they lamented is no longer an open wound.
The programme also include Faure's Cantique de Jean Racine and Duruffle's Requiem.
As well as Warwick Arts Centre, Stratford Picture House and Shrewsbury Cineworld in the West Midlands, more than 200 venues around the world will also screen the production, which is a Ted Hughes version of the original play by Jean Racine.
When Jean Racine asked his friend Claude-Emmanuel Chapelle (1626-86) for his opinion of Berenice, his friend replied by quoting two verses of this old song.
Sir Nigel Sheinwald, Britain's ambassador in the United States, is said to have taken the help of his wife, Lady Julia, to persuade Helen Mirren to play the title role in a National Theatre production of Phedre, a tragedy by Jean Racine, which will move to Washington in September after a three month run in London.
However, the only truly familiar works in the concert, Faure's Cantique de Jean Racine and his Requiem, were adequate, if less than sparkling.
After inheriting a fortune in 1812, Girodet produced fewer paintings, shutting himself up in his house to write poems on aesthetics, illustrate books by Virgil and Jean Racine, and translate Greek and Roman authors.
The chorale will also present Gabriel Faure's familiar ``Cantique de Jean Racine.
DES les premieres lignes de sa Preface a Phedre, Jean Racine indique sa source d'inspiration: il a ecrit 'une tragedie dont le sujet est pris d'Euripide' et il a essaye 'd'enrichir la piece de tout ce qui m'a paru le plus eclatant dans la sienne' (817).
If nothing else, that would explain the bare, classical purity of Bresson's scripts, a language one can find in authors as radically different as Jean Racine and Samuel Beckett.
Bobsledders Jean Racine and Jennifer Davidson hear whoops and cheers, proving that they are, in their words, "the fastest chicks on ice.
Jacques Berchtold, Des Rats et des ratieres: anamorphoses d'un champ metaphorique de Saint Augustin a Jean Racine (Geneva: Droz, 1992).
Olympic Team will bring home Olympic Gold: Phil Mahre, Steve Mahre, Joe Theismann, Jason Sehorn, Luis Gonzalez, Rowdy Gaines, Jean Racine and Josh Davis.
Of safety coordination mission and health protection of workers Level 2 for the restructuring of the College Jean Racine - 28130 Maintenon.