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French novelist and dramatist whose plays were reinterpretations of Greek myths (1882-1944)

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Finalmente la obra se interroga por la permanencia en la actualidad de las heroinas estudiadas, y muestra como los escritores contemporaneos, como Jean Giraudoux o Christa Wolf, han sabido hacer mutar a los mitos para que estos adquieran nuevos significados e iluminen nuestro presente.
Then on Saturday there will be two performances of Lunch, by Steven Berkoff, and The Apollo of Bellac, by Jean Giraudoux, with which the season was launched on July 30.
By coincidence, Jean Giraudoux wrote these words in 1945, the same year fluoride was first brought to American lips through the municipal water supply of Grand Rapids, Michigan.
He considers the views of a small galaxy of commentators (Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Jean Giraudoux, among others), and brings his multilingual skills to bear on the original French.
Regards sur la Ligue et ses Cahiers', Les Cahiers de la Ligue Urbaine et Rurale, 100, 1988, and Cahiers Jean Giraudoux, edited by Cecile Chombard-Gaudin, Paris, Grasset, 22, 1993, which brings together scholarly studies on the author's town planning writing as well as several of his articles.
Neither Gustavo Perez Firmat in his classic study Idle Fictions : The Hispanic Vanguard Novel: 1926-1934 (1982) nor Susan Nagel in The Influence of the Novels of Jean Giraudoux on the Hispanic Vanguard Novels of the 1920s-1930s (1991) considered for Spanish America the innovative novels that preceded those of the contemporaneos of the ones that were from another country besides Mexico.
Por eso, los criticos parecian dispensados de descubrir y analizar "pieza tan divulgada y debatida" (ABC), aparte de recordar que se trataba de una actualizacion de la tragedia griega, que ya habia tentado a otros autores modernos como Jean Giraudoux (Informaciones y Madrid), y senalar su recuperacion del sentido de la fatalidad antigua como explicacion (y hasta disculpa) de la violencia desenfrenada de las pasiones de los personajes (ABC y Madrid).
La loca del Chaillot, de Jean Giraudoux, por el teatro ensayo y dirigida por Etienne Frois.
But in addition to all that, the lineup might also be called "my big fat Greek season," because it includes a group of works from or inspired by the world of ancient Greece--Agamemnon by Aeschylus, Electra by Jean Giraudoux, and Sartre's The Flies, along with Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida and Pericles.
In 1935, Jean Giraudoux, the French playwright, with the memory of the First World War still in his head, wrote The Trojan War Will Not Take Place.
This is not very far from that which Bresson and Jean Giraudoux put in place with Les Anges du peche (1943).
Jean Giraudoux was a boulevard intellectual of the 1930s and '40s in Paris, whose plays were once admired but are now out of fashion.
Theatrical talents such as Jean Giraudoux and Jean Anouilh, and poet Jean Cocteau, turned their efforts to the cinema as well, often with notable success.
He was also a poet, a playwright, an essayist, and a successful translator into Polish of Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Claudel, Andre Gide, and Jean Giraudoux.