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a teacher and prophet born in Bethlehem and active in Nazareth

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MAURICE: What in the name of sweet fucking Jaysus is going on?
I can kind of hear him saying 'Ah, Jaysus, Ma, what are you doing?
Jaysus it's roastin' - Dundalk's ever-reliable midfielder and weatherman Chris Shields
He claims the Mayo priest said he did not think that full sex had taken place "although he said 'You might hold a fella's hand but Jaysus it'd never go as far as a kiss'.
Boylan (right) recalled: "If things didn't go well in the early days, 'Sure Jaysus, he's only a hurler', that was the kind of craic that went on
Back then, when I was writing the Irish spotlights for the paper, Casey would often greet me at the races along the following lines (several expletives deleted): "How in the name of Jaysus did you pick that one?
Now, mother of Jaysus, what school of luvvie interviewers did Gerry Ryan go to?
This idea that we were knocking on each other's doors and hugging each other jaysus," said Keane when asked if the news created a 'buzz' in the Irish hotel.
Jaysus, Jimmy think before you get all patriotic the next time Ireland record another historic sporting achievement.
The trouble with this aeroplane is that he hijacks himself Paul Carberry, after Harchibald finds nothing off the bridle in the Champion Hurdle Any of the people who were in doubt about the Champion Hurdle - what would have happened if I'd have pushed on - now know: that's what would have happened Paul Carberry claims vindication as Harchibald fails to see it through again, handing Punchestown's Emo Oil Champion Hurdle to Brave Inca I yelled at him 'hey, you're at Cheltenham, pull your finger out' and, by Jaysus, he did Graham Lee, on how he coaxed Inglis Drever into putting his best foot forward in the World Hurdle It's like sitting in a Ferrari when no-one else has one Barry Geraghty on the Moscow Flyer experience I'm thrilled the public voted for his Gold Cup.