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The TrueMotion Streaming Java Applet software offers several advantages over competing technologies.
Application service providers, Network Computer and point-of-sale users, embedded systems companies and software vendors interested in renting out software are also on the potential sales list, along with an organization that uses or provides Java applets.
Deliver your Java Applets across the web in a fraction of the time
AppStream has taken an innovative approach to improving Java applet delivery and performance.
On Microsoft Windows platform, the SecureXML Java Applet seamlessly integrates with ActivCard Gold and Litronic NetSign CAC middleware for CAC demographic data access.
pages that mention Java applets, with no guarantee they contain the real
Microsoft's blocking of Java applets in Outlook will limit email to basic text and graphics.
By leveraging the IP conferencing platform's open, XML-based APIs and Pingtel's XDK, Voyant has developed a java applet specifically for the Pingtel xpressa phone.
Syndeo's new Mobile Telephony Console (MTC), an optional adjunct to the Syion 426, is a downloadable Java applet that enables all 26 of Syndeo's Class 5 services to go anywhere with the mobile user.
E-Tran Solution's patent pending technology allows components to snap seamlessly into any web page as a thin-client Java applet, with all program logic running on the server.
Java Applet Technology Provide Unsurpassed Power and
The AgentSheets(R) programming environment is based on three integrated components: end-user programmable agents; spreadsheet-like workspaces; and Ristretto, the automatic Java applet generator.
However, HTML forms did act as the impetus for the next evolutionary Web technology: Java applets and custom browser plug-ins.
Symantec's AntiVirus Research Center has discovered a computer virus which is reported to infect Java applets and applications.
Support for FLASH or JAVA applets and web site response time measurements are part of the advanced editions.
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