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grass of Mediterranean and temperate Asia

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The traditional Japanese chess game of Shogi, a 90-minute Qartoon workshop that demonstrated the use of iPads as an artistic tool in creating an artwork, a tutorial on stop-motion animation and origami and an exciting Instagram Hunt, where fans were to track down anime "super-villains" to help Ajyal superhero Otaku Man, drew enthusiastic participation.
1 ( ANI ): A computer programmed to play Japanese chess 'shogi' defeated an active professional player in a public match for the first time ever on Saturday.
Fischer, 61, reportedly plans to marry a leading Japanese chess figure he has been spending most of his time with since visiting Japan in 2000.
Masayasu Kitagawa, 56, actor Naoki Hosaka, 33, Yoshiharu Habu, 30, a master of ''shogi'' Japanese chess, and Yasuhiko Okudera, 49, a former pro soccer player and current Yokohama athletic club head, MFU said.
The Kasparaov match will be followed by similar competitions in Chinese Chess, Japanese Chess, Go and Draughts.
Under license with the Chinese Sports Ministry, RTG Ventures has exclusive rights to organize, promote and run the only championship event (in China)for Chinese Chess, as well as other games of skill and chance including Chinese Poker, Mah jong, Go and Japanese Chess.
According to Tony Hosking, last year's European shogi champion, Japanese chess is harder than Western chess.
The Company has focused initially on these three events, but has the rights to several others as well including Japanese Chess (Shogi), GO(Weigi), Bridge, Bingo, and others.
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