Japanese brome

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grass of Mediterranean and temperate Asia

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However, because of a decline in ranching, some of these pasturelands are no longer grazed and have been invaded by introduced species such as Japanese brome.
Stasey (2005) trapped for 972 trap nights in a mesquite forest with an understory dominated by Japanese brome.
These data were then compared to data from ungrazed sites dominated by Japanese brome (Stasey 2005) and vegetation associated with a disturbed roadside (Martin & Matocha 1992).
This area mostly comprises rocky outcroppings, some pinon pine and one-seeded junipers, very sparse grasses (mostly Japanese brome and blue grama), forbs (mostly skunkbrush sumac and rabbitbrush), shrubs (mostly sages and skunkbrush sumac), and cacti (essentially all tree cholla, O.
Japanese brome can make up as much as 40 percent of the forage available on the mixed-grass prairies of Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas.
They also don't develop seedheads as prickly as cheatgrass, a relative of Japanese brome that's pervasive in other western states.
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