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a string of more than 3,000 islands to the east of Asia extending 1,300 miles between the Sea of Japan and the western Pacific Ocean

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He was caught after more than two years on the run in the western Japanese city of Osaka as he tried to board a ferry to the southern-most Japanese islands of Okinawa.
The total eclipse was visible from India, China, Japanese Islands and the South Pacific Ocean.
Or maybe the Japanese, where Izanagi thrust his staff into the sea and pulled up some clumps of mud, which became the Japanese islands.
Horie, who will turn 70 in September, reached his destination in the channel between the main Japanese islands of Honshu and Shikoku just before midnight after covering some 7,000 kilometres from Hawaii without a port call.
Cinema became very popular with the Japanese public and saw the first cinema theatre being opened in Tokyo in 103 and within the next thirteen years more than three hundred other cinema theatres would appear and prosper throughout the Japanese islands.
Now considered a threatened species, Japanese macaques are rapidly losing natural habitat in the heavily populated Japanese Islands and un-provisioned populations are in decline.
Jomon" means "cord-marked" and was originally used to describe a particular ceramic tradition; it has now become a catchall for the complex of apparently indigenous cultures that developed in the main Japanese islands during that long span of time.
defend allies of Japan and America, or even protect the Japanese islands, a theory known as "collective self-defense," if a naval battle occurred outside Japan's territorial waters.
The islands are located some 410 kilometers west off the Japanese islands of Okinawa.
Although it has been classified since 1970 as endangered, the albatross, which breeds only on two remote Japanese islands, was listed solely as a foreign species.
Currently, the only known short-tailed albatross breeding colonies are located on two remote Japanese islands in the western Pacific -- Torishima Island and Minamikojima Island.
According to the agency, temperatures in the three-month period increased all over Japan, with the exception of some southwestern Japanese islands, which had average temperatures.
Then, he said, they were one of the first battle groups to bomb Japanese islands.
Proponents of this option contend that the only remaining descendants of the Jomon are the Ainu in Hokkaido, the northernmost of the Japanese islands, and some inhabitants of Japan's southernmost islands.
SOPHIA-ANTIPOLIS, France -- UDcast, a leading provider of solutions enabling full IP over broadcast and satellite media, announced today it is collaborating with communications satellite operator JSAT Corp to bring satellite IP-based communication to small Japanese islands and rural areas where optical fiber or ADSL is not available.
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