Japan wax

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a yellow wax obtained from sumac berries


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Table 2: Exotic Natural Waxes Common Name INCI or Botanical Name Apple wax Pyrus malus Bayberry (Myrtle) wax Myrica cerifera Chinese wax Fraxinus chinensis Chinese Tallow wax Sapium sebiferum Esparto wax Stipa tenacissim Ilex Wax Ilex paraguariensis Japan wax Cotinus Coggygria Orange Peel wax Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Wax Ouricouri wax Syagrus coronata Rice Bran wax Oryza sativa Sugar Cane wax Saccharum spp.
They contain Japan wax, a material that is easy to apply and smudge.
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