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(offensive slang) offensive term for a person of Japanese descent

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We have no issue to work under leadership Professor Sahib [Sajid Mir], objective is to unite Ahlehadiths of the country and make effort to impose Quran and Sunnah law in Pakistan,' said a leader of JAP.
Div A: MSVSport 167 for 3 (R Rashid 39, L Harper 87no, W Gauri 32) beat Specsavers 87 (M Mahboob 42); On Time A 73 for 9 (A Rahman 4-16) lost to Jap Parts 78 for 8 (T Ramzan 4-21); On Time B 124 for 7 (S Rashid 51) beat Azads A 113 (F Ahmed 4-6, I Boston 4-18); Boro Cars 89 for 4 (R Nawaz 32no) beat Iffys Takeaway 88 for 8.
All the Japs that were on the tail end of the island were going to be cut off and couldn't get up to the top, and likewise the ones at the top were going to be cut off so they couldn't [get to the tail either].
It's an to be a supporter, extending "It provides an excellent opportunity sponsorship no-brainer Pete to raise the brand awareness of Auto Jap Spares, not only to thousands of fans but to millions watching when we're broadcast on television, while at the same time providing the club with much needed funds.
JAP evolved from the principals of restorative justice, a response to criminal activity that encourages participation from various community partners, including family members of the juvenile offenders, the crime victim, and law enforcement officials in an attempt to handle juvenile crime holistically.
Pop culture first chronicled--though didn't yet label--the JAP in literary works like Herman Wouk's 1955 novel Marjorie Morningstar and Philip Roth's Goodbye, Columbus, published in 1959.
The commissioners of Jefferson County, Texas, voted unanimously to change the name of Jap Road in July, after a decade-long campaign by civil rights groups.
En solo tres cuartillas, la CRM aclara los puntos medulares de las presuntas anomalias en perjuicio del patrimonio de la CRM que auditores de la JAP fundamentaron en un "dictamen y proyecto de resolucion" de 70 paginas, con base en el cual Garcia Lizama pretendia justificar legalmente la destitucion de Barroso Chavez, quien reiteradamente se habia negado a acatar las disposiciones de la JAP.
A total of 86 studies were obtained: 43 published in JAP, 17 in JOOP and 26 in PP.
As the polished queen of the film, Barbra truly becomes the JAP Nightmare.
On March 15, 1943, Time reported that "low-flying fighters turned lifeboats towed by motor barges, and packed with Jap survivors, into bloody sieves.
TEAMS in the Jap Parts (Stockton) Midweek Cricket League were glad of the opportunity to get a full week's cricket in.
Tenders are invited for Sinking 1 hp submersible pump with ladies bath and 1000 lits over head tank and pipe line under district of paschim medinipur under jap scheme.
But Saipan would be where I killed my first Jap, and I got my share of them there.
JAP spokesman Saleemuddin said the voter registration forms that the election commission has introduced have a special entry for religion.