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Synonyms for Janus-faced

having or concerned with polarities or contrasts

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marked by deliberate deceptiveness especially by pretending one set of feelings and acting under the influence of another

having two faces--one looking to the future and one to the past


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A Janus-faced entity--one African, the other French Francafrique is the ultimate symbol of a confiscated, perverted sovereignty.
In this commentary, we first suggest that conceptualizing personality traits associated with entrepreneurism as Janus-faced as Miller has done is problematic and limiting, and then forward several considerations gleaned from personality research in the OB literature which, if applied to the study of personality in entrepreneurial contexts, should advance our literature on how individual characteristics meaningfully affect outcomes relevant to the study of entrepreneurship.
Such a reading would articulate a metaphysic of violence along lines directly relevant for the contemporary moment; it would also confirm a lesson Watts outlines from the very beginning; namely, that "One reason for the work's enduring force is its critical anticipation of twentieth-century preoccupations" (6) and beyond--a tentacle for Janus-faced critics qua theorists.
Among his topics are the integration of humanism in the educational program of the Jesuits, Jesuits between religion and science, the Jesuits and the Janus-faced history of natural sciences, Rodrigo de Arriaga on immortality as a response to Platonism, and the Porphyrian Tree in philosophy of the 17th and 18th centuries.
And in terms of the English School, he invokes Wight's realism and his awareness of the Janus-faced nature of the state (underappreciated in Pinker's account of the decline of violence), and the extent to which any civilizing processes within international society have been rendered precarious by recurrent struggles between major powers.
These selections all work to dispel any easy ideas about Tijuana as the sign of postmodern hybridity, seeing it rather as Janus-faced, prismatic, often fictional.
But, in a moment of solidarity which could only come from these platinum-plated golden girls, they all agreed on her final summation of the Janus-faced and arthritic interloper.
The same Janus-faced approach is evident in Europe's response to the Arab Spring.
Haritgan-O'Connor is careful to note the Janus-faced nature of this involvement--"ties" connected but also bound, in a play on words reminiscent of Nancy Cott's The Bonds of Womanhood--but generally maintains a focus on the empowering potential of economic exchange.
Loos's excellent contribution offers insight into the often neglected history of the Muslim southern parts of Thailand and the Janus-faced character of Thai dominion in the south, certainly during the colonial times.
Kashmir is a Janus-faced body politic; while engaging in realistic explorations of the Kashmiri musalmaan's perpetual conundrum of misguided loyalties and politics of fundamentalism, these movies acquaint Indian (and the larger international) audience of the other Kashmir that is non-threatening and idyllic, conducive to tourism/habitation.
While Morone's Janus-faced model specifies a society vs.
This Janus-faced nature of science is, of necessity, governed by a pact of mutual obligation with society--one that offers support, intellectual autonomy, and substantial cultural authority to the practitioners of science and technology in return for greater control over the unknown and intervention in the ills that plague humankind.
Janus-Faced Romance in Pericles" (183-203); Indira Ghose, "Better Days': Cultural Memory in As You Like It" (204-18).
Haggard is a Janus-faced hypocrite who espouses enmity toward homosexuals.