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United States film actress and daughter of Henry Fonda (born in 1937)


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Behar said, "And also, why are people more angry with Jane Fonda about the Vietnam War than they are with Nixon and LBJ and people who lied about the war and sent boys as cannon fodder to an unjust and filthy war?
The show features David, now 83, pursuing new goals in his photography, in Wales and abroad, and reunites him with the actress, Jane Fonda, fifty years after he photographed her on the film set of Barbarella.
I was in the presence of Jane Fonda and I will never forget it.
Por su parte, Jane Fonda, a pesar de sus anos, sigue trabajando como imagen de firmas de cosmetica L'Oreal Paris, a la vez que se colabora habitualmente con asociaciones beneficas.
Oscar and Golden Globe–nominat ed Archer Oscar and Golden Globe–nominat ed Archer will star in The Trial of Jane Fonda and the will star in The Trial of Jane Fonda and the audiences of Edinburgh will be on jury duty audiences of Edinburgh will be on jury duty when the play receives its premie re at the when the play receives its premie re at the Festival Fringe.
Jane Fonda had met Tom Hayden in 1972 when they were both Vietnam war left-wing activists and Jane was involved in an affair with Donald Sutherland.
As a child, it was difficult for Jane Fonda to reconcile her unloving father with the kind men he embodied on the silver screen.
IT WAS a fashion coupe on the red carpet when actresses Jane Fonda, Eva Longoria and Freida Selena Pinto showed off their signature styles as they attended day two of the prestigious 65th Cannes Film Festival.
Jane Fonda herself narrates this survey of making the most of health and fitness in the second half of life, making this a fine pick for any audio collection.
From the importance of performing a 'life review' to asking what the ordinary person can do with a longer life, this blends a memoir with a guide to making the most of one's life, and will gain attention in any general-interest lending library simply through the Jane Fonda brand on the book.
Journalist Patricia Bosworth studied with Jane Fonda at the Actors Studio in the 1950s, and the two have remained lifelong friends.
Summary: Oscar-winning actress Jane Fonda has opened on Broadway for the first time in 46 years.
Byline: After more than half a century in Hollywood, Jane Fonda refuses to wallow in typical celebrity fluff.
In which 1980 film did Jane Fonda co-star with Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton?
Jane Fonda has taken on the part of sex kitten and feminist, anti-war activist and fitness guru.