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English novelist noted for her insightful portrayals of middle-class families (1775-1817)


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It is clear that Jane Austen wanted to have a different kind of heroine in Elinor Dashwood.
There is no arguing with Miles's contention that Jane Austen "is the key figure in the early nineteenth-century consolidation of the novel" (28), and he sees Northanger Abbey as the transitional work in which "Austen had first to square her accounts with romance" (29)--in this case the Gothic.
As in a Jane Austen novel, all things work out for the best for the deserving, and Anne Ehrlich eventually gets the man she had lost 13 years earlier.
Far from having been an anti-Jacobin, Jane Austen, on this reckoning, belonged to the Enlightenment.
Linda Troost's and Sayre Greenfield's anthology Jane Austen in Hollywood asked that question in 1998, and apparently it still needs answering, because now we have Jane Austen on Screen.
For those of you who want to brush up on some classics this summer and have fun doing it, a Jane Austen fest might be your cup of tea.
Jane Austen was very familiar with Lyme - a turning-point in the plot of her novel Persuasion takes place on its famous Cobb.
In writing her new biography of Jane Austen, Claire Tomalin faced a formidable task.
It seems that the Jane Austen boom that began a few years ago has not yet run its course: its latest manifestation is an absorbing new biography by the British biographer Claire Tomalin.
How else to explain the huge box-office and bookstore popularity of Jane Austen and the Brontes with the twenty-something, Gen X crowd?
It would have been uncharacteristic of Jane Austen to have used an incorrect form of address, and her knowledge of the peerage appears to have been extensive; on 20 June 1808 she wrote:
It may be that Jane Austen did read many of the books Professor Sulloway has used, but that she could have come across Astell's works seems highly unlikely.