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Flemish painter who was a founder of the Flemish school of painting and who pioneered modern techniques of oil painting (1390-1441)


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Los otros miembros de la delegacion eran el caballero Baudouin de Lannoy, consejero y chambelan, retratado por Jan Van Eyck (Berlin, Gemaldegalerie); el maestro Gilies d'Escornaix, doctor en Derecho; Andre de Toulongeon, caballerizo; el maestro Jean Hibert, secretario, varios empleados y servidores, y el pintor "Johannes de Eck".
Other painters include Jan van Eyck and Pieter Aertsen (d.
Viewed on the art circuit as quintessentially Flemish for his brush, his eye and his subject matter, Tuymans says "I'm proud to have that label" and adds that Jan van Eyck, the 15th-century Flemish master in Bruges, is "probably the greatest painter in the world.
Belgium, which hosts European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is known for its chocolate, beer, waffles, Bruges, cartographer Gerardus Mercator, Big Bang theorist Georges Lemantre, painter Jan van Eyck, poet Emile Verhaeren, etc.
The Three Towers of Ghent are St Nicholas Church, the Belfry, with its panoramic view of the city and St Bavo's Cathedral, home to such art treasures as The Adoration of the Lamb, painted in 1432 by Jan van Eyck, as well as work by Rubens.
Montgomery discusses artistic renditions of the Moon by Jan Van Eyck (4) which predate da Vinci's representations by a hundred years or so.
None is more striking than this drawing by Jan van Eyck.
The first recorded lottery in Europe was actually a raffle held by the Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck in 1446.
Questa influenza si esemplifica nel ritratto di Jorg Fugger del 1474 (Norton Simon Foundation, Pasadena) ripreso di tre quarti, alla maniera di Hans Memling, o di Jan Van Eyck.
The motto ("as I can"), though literary in origin, is associated normally with Jan van Eyck.
Through the new portal, internet users can freely and without charge access a range of classic works - recordings and manuscripts by Mozart and Beethoven, paintings by Jan Van Eyck, The Divine Comedy' by Dante, historical documents such as the British Magna Carta - as well as more recent resources, such as pictures of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Segun el autor, las novedades introducidas por los iluminadores de los Paises Bajos, --incluido el propio Jan Van Eyck en las Horas de Milan-Turin--no apuntan solo a la formalidad de los libros en cuestion sino que tambien articulan el contenido y el significado de las imagenes, definiendo asi una particular relacion entre el lector de las Horae y las mismas, en el periodo que va desde fines de la Edad Media hasta los comienzos del mundo moderno.
It was organised by the widow of painter Jan van Eyck in 1446 to raise money for orphans in Bruges.
We were studying Jan van Eyck, and to demonstrate the artist's mastery the professor ran through a series of slides of a particular painting, each one revealing a finer detail than the last with no loss of clarity.