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4th President of the United States

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The JMUC consortium is composed of the University of Virginia, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, James Madison University, College of William and Mary, Old Dominion University, Virginia Commonwealth University and George Mason University.
Scarborough argued this was true because, "The father of the Constitution, James Madison, stated while he was drafting the Constitution: `We have staked the entire future of the American civilization not upon the power of government, but upon the capacity of the individual to govern himself, to control himself and sustain himself according to the Ten Commandments of God.
In a 1798 letter to Thomas Jefferson, James Madison pointed out: "The Constitution supposes, what the history of all governments demonstrates, that the executive is the branch of power most interested in war, and most prone to it.
Presidential physical characteristics ran the gamut, but the smallest to serve was James Madison, who was 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighed only 100 pounds.
Justice Joseph Story, who was appointed to the Supreme Court by President James Madison and became one of America's most revered jurists, put it this way: "That government can scarcely be deemed to be free where the rights of property are left solely dependent upon the will of a legislative body without any restraint.
He also served as Wheat First Professor of Finance and Director of the Quantitative Finance program at James Madison University.
2 Old Dominion 76, James Madison 65: At Harrisonburg, Va.
A 2003 graduate of James Madison University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Political Science, Seamans currently lives in Newtown, PA.
LOS ANGELES -- Yesterday, Los Angeles Team Mentoring (LATM), one of LAUSD's premier after-school programs that targets at-risk middle-school youth, announced the opening of its 14th after-school program at James Madison Middle School in North Hollywood.
But James Madison of Virginia worried that such a system would hurt the South, which would have been outnumbered in a direct election system.
Books of this genre tend toward patriotic banality ("Despite our flaws, what a sweet land of liberty"), alternately focusing on the founding of the Bill of Rights, lavishing praise on James Madison, and then rushing to embrace the Warren court (with homage paid to Justices Holmes and Brandeis along the way).
Tom Smith is the Program Manager, for Humanitarian Assistant and Demining Programs, for the USCENTCOM, USPACOM and James Madison University.
WISCONSIN: Aileen Louise Green, James Madison Memorial H.
Pitching instructors don't come any better than James Madison U.
Joseph Story, a Supreme Court justice nominated by James Madison, wrote in his Commentaries on The Constitution of The United States, "Republics are created by the virtue, public spirit, and intelligence of the citizens.