James Bond

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British secret operative 007 in novels by Ian Fleming


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Other names considered for the next James Bond movie ring include Jamie Bell, Emilia Clark and Gillian Anderson.
In addition to the James Bond Aston Martin DB10 Spectre vehicle, 23 other Bond-related items will also go under the hammer at Christie's auction house on 18 February 2016, as part of 'Spectre - The Auction'.
Same muppet who censored James Bond kissing a woman.
While Daniel Craig doesn't feature in the ad, it implies that James Bond uses the recently launched Xperia Z5 smartphone in the movie.
I'd hate to think James Bond was racist - if he was, he might spend all his time being violent towards foreigners.
El tambien escritor aseguro que el rodaje de la cinta de James Bond trae consigo no solo beneficios en materia economica, turistica y cultural, sino que tambien le dara glamour al pais.
Once again Boyd demonstrates in the novel that he has stayed true to Flemming's version of James Bond, as a man who is driven by desire to take revenge for the wrongdoings that always seem to surround him.
To be fair, James Bond doesn't have a cool cat sidekick called Jess, so he's got a point.
The archvillain from the James Bond films -- who's often seen stroking a white cat -- might be making a return to the big screen following a settlement announced Friday between studio MGM, production company Danjaq and the estate of Kevin McClory.
Summary: Idris Elba on Luther, those James Bond rumours and music.
TEESSIDE auction house Vectis has been given a licence to thrill with a James Bond theme sale this week.
James Bond has sported an OMEGA wristwatch since Golden Eye in 1995 and in the five following films he relied on his timepiece throughout numerous action scenes and daredevil feats.
Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has expressed his desire to play British superspy James Bond.
JAMES BOND fans were given a chance to get their hands on Daniel Craig's trunks today as his swimwear went on sale in a charity auction.
JAMES Bond fans and Daniel Craig enthusiasts need not worry, the 44-year-old actor is here to stay as the British spy for at least two more flms.