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United States linguist (born in Russia) noted for his description of the universals of phonology (1896-1982)

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For the next three decades, Jakobson Ramin, an investigative journalist based in California, learnt to live with chronic lower back pain, developing sciatica during her first and second pregnancies.
Siguiendo esta misma linea de pensamiento, en Fundamentals of Language, Jakobson y Halle presentan de manera sintetica la forma en que se organizan jerarquicamente los fonemas consonanticos del frances, los cuales "requieren solo cinco decisiones binarias: nasal/oral, y si es oral, entonces continuo/discontinuo y tenso/laxo; compacto/difuso, y si es difuso, entonces grave/agudo.
Jakobson radically extends the idea of "l'opposition de quelque chose avec rien", and argues that zero is not only an expression phenomenon associated with a (positive) content; in Jakobson's view, 'nothing' vs.
Similarly, one may found the typology of poetic genres on the criterion of the prevalence of one or another linguistic function, which they subsume (see Jakobson, Selected).
En el presente estudio, se identificaran los elementos que constituyen el titular como hecho discursivo y las subsecuentes funciones del lenguaje, a partir de las premisas de Jakobson (1984).
China's erratic acts to defend its maritime sovereignity in the East and South China Seas are provoking unnecessary display of military prowess among other claimants in the East and South China Seas, according to a report from Linda Jakobson, an independent researcher at Australia's Lowy Institute for International Policy.
Bloomfield, in his review of a monograph by Roman Jakobson and Stephen Rudy, says:
Like Jakobson, she relies on heuristic contrasts to make her argument, and the stakes of those contrasts become evident in the conclusion, where she aligns sympathy, realism, imagination, and metonymy in contradistinction to empathy, modernism, fusion, and metaphor.
When developing his communicative model of incitement, Aune relies upon two theorists to examine the concept: Judith Butler and Roman Jakobson.
Ces theories sont enrichies par les etudes de Jakobson et par sa tripartition (Jakobson, 2002: 57).
Roman Jakobson theorized about translation as act of crossing boundaries, on three levels: intralingual translation, interlingual translation and intersemiotic translation.
Among the authors are some pillars of modern linguistics such as Otto Jespersen, Noam Chomsky, and Roman Jakobson.
Aunque no es eso todo lo que hacen, las propuestas teoricas de Jakobson y Frye ofrecen buenos modelos de esas orientaciones --la literatura como proceso en Jakobson y la expresion verbal como resultado, producto o tipologia artefactual en Frye--y no resulta en absoluto casual que la propuesta metahistorica de White implique una relectura muy personal de ambas figuras clave de la teoria literaria del siglo XX.
Thus, according to Mounin, the famous study in which Jakobson defines the "poetic function" of language (1960: 350-377) brings together, like in a genuine game of puzzle, theoretical options coming from different directions, but which are nevertheless far from constituting a coherent form, which upon closer examination reveal a forced merge.
Chelsea drew level just after the restart when Eni Aluko put strike partner Sofia Jakobson clear and her powerful drive beat Everton stopper Rachel Brown-Finnis, whose efforts to save proved to be in vain.