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the older of the two Grimm brothers remembered best for their fairy stories

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In Deutsche Mythologie, Jakob Grimm attempts to categorize the roles of dwarfs and their characteristics.
Chapter 1 discusses emendations by Jakob Grimm and Friedrich Klaeber.
No wonder that, after Karadzic's publication, they attracted the interest and praise of leading world literary figures such as Goethe, Walter Scott, Prosper Merimee, Aleksndr Pushkin, Jakob Grimm, and many others.
Jakob Grimm, one of Brothers Grimm of fairy tale fame, is born.
In 1822, Jakob Grimm (the same Grimm who, together with his brother Wilheim, collected and published German folk tales) proposed an explanation for certain systematic differences observed among the Indo-European languages.
In fact, much, if not all, of our understanding of the role dwarfs play comes from the scholarly work of Jakob Grimm.