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relating to or characteristic of Jainism


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Jain is accused of converting black money into white following demonetisation.
While Jain wouldn't comment onthe launch of the mystery device or the much anticipated Redmi Note 5, he reiterated the success of the Redmi Note 4.
In the company's board, Jain will chair the Inter-Organization Committee as well as assure regular communication with other closely-related professional organisations.
In the appeal against the conviction, Jain said that the trial court has erred in convicting her.
Mishra alleged he saw Kejriwal taking ` 2 crore from Satyendra Jain on Friday at the former's residence.
Jain believes deep space will soon be come a place for private companies.
Buffett describes Jain as smart, responsive, a good listener and an idea factory.
As I toured around the place, I came across big hoardings welcoming us to the famous Jain religious place.
According to Jain, the company has been selling its brands in Dubai and other Gulf markets as 'Made in India' products.
Marketing [has been] looked at with skepticism because of the lack of sophistication," Jain explained.
Strategic investors on the other hand tend to be driven by long-term factors such as ease of doing business where India still ranks relatively low and consistency of policies such as taxation" Jain said.
In addition, the company's board of directors has appointed Jain a Corporate vice president.
We've asked our team of writers along with Daily Record sports betting correspondent, Mr Fixit Paul Jain, to compete for the crown of World Champion Predictor.
S P Jain School of Global Management (S P Jain) continues its ride up in international university standings - most recently, the School was ranked #1 in the UAE by Nielsen in its Salary Audit Topline Report 2014, which indicates that S P Jain MBA graduates received the highest salaries in the UAE on graduation.
Bharat Enterprises, owned by Rashmi Jain and her husband, recently bought GiftsofArkansas.