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a name for the God of the Old Testament as transliterated from the Hebrew consonants YHVH

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Jahweh once again told Jonah to go denounce the wicked ways of Nineveh.
Bush and Tony Blair have appealed to this specific watching, judging God in their defence of the Iraq war and occupation, while General Thomas Franks briefly took us back to the pre-Judaic period, when Jahweh was one among many, with his statement that he would prevail over Iraqi insurgents because 'my God is bigger than their God'.
10) Gerhard von Rad expressed the radical prophetic judgment thus: "The old traditions said that Jahweh led Israel into her land, founded Zion, and established the throne of David, and this was sufficient.
Rosen notes that the Hebraic Jahweh creates the chaotic apeiron at the outset and then subdues her.
I take it that Jahweh was little taken up with any of his creatures, except the people who inhabited the countries from which the Aryans came.
It is the universal source, the oneness of all things: God, Jahweh, Allah, and the Buddah .
this poem is unfinished, as are we all, / as is, for now, Jerusalem, holy home to Jahweh, Allah, God-- / for whom Solomon's stone equals Jesus' cross / equals Nizar bin Muhammad Nawar's vengeance-- / and whom we could not, would not kill / so we kill the messengers so that ours, in turn / will be killed / and we will pray for them / and we will pray for them / and we will pray.
What Moses added to the laws was deification under one god, Jahweh, to make them a stronger force in the lives of his fellow Israelites, who were in danger of reverting to idolatry.
To those Zionists who interpreted Genesis 15:18 literally, Jahweh had promised the children of Abraham all the land in between the Nile and Euphrates rivers--and even the secular Zionist majority, which clearly didn't believe in Jahweh, looked on this biblical promise as a useful unifying narrative.