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an avatar of Vishnu

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The story of the community's immediate ancestor, a potter-woman named Neli Kumbharuni, is preserved in temple records: to honour her devotion in delivering head-baskets of pots to the temple kitchen, Jagannatha instructed the king in a dream that all the land scorched by a fire breaking out in the centre of town should be given to the potters for their homes and workshops.
The chariot of Jagannatha, Balarama and Subhadra is splendidly decorated each year, and then pulled by crowds through the city streets.
A clear stamp of Sridhara Svami's commentaries could be noticed in the works of such great Vaisnava santhas as Sri Caitanya, Sankaradeva, Jagannatha Dasa as well as some Vaisnavas of North India.
The yellow flower kaniar is offered to Lord Jagannatha.
Bharata Abhinavagupta, Mammata, Vishwanath and Rajasekhara and Jagannatha have quite harmoniously examined the effect of Pratibha ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
Chadha VK, Kumar P, Jagannatha PS, Vaidyanathan PS, Unnikrishnan KP.
Originating in Jagannatha Puri, India, more than 5,000 years ago, the Festival of Chariots was introduced to the rest of the world in 1967.
The pilgrims hand-pulled a 40-ft wooden chariot, carrying deities of Lord Jagannatha, Lady Subhadra and Lord Balarama, and were accompanied by singers, dancers and musicians playing Indian spiritual music.
According to Radha Jagannatha in the November 2001 American Journal of Public Health, within a randomly selected group of Medicaid recipients in New Jersey, only 29 percent of those who had a Medicaid billing for an abortion actually admitted to the abortion in a reproductive health survey.
At the temple of Jagannatha in the town of Puri in Orissa, for example, the
The festival of Lord Jagannatha, whose name means Lord of the Universe and is a byword for Lord Sri Krishna, is one of the most ancient and cherished events on the Hindu calendar.
The 17th Birmingham Rathayatra Festival starts on Sunday with a procession of the huge Jagannatha Chariot (right) at 11.
He took up the translation of the Digest of Hindu Law, the Vivadabhangarnava of Jagannatha Tarkapancanana and others, a project he did not entirely approve of, but which had been left unfinished by the untimely death of Sir William Jones.
Al final cada quien podia llevarse una fruta de las usadas en el ritual, Jagannatha me ofrecio la pina, la fruta mas grande, diciendo "es para tu familia".