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French filmmaker (1908-1982)

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How did Jacques Tati influence your thinking about fashion design?
Speaking to Qatar Tribune, Khater noted,"Here at DFI, we consider it part of our mission to bring the world's cultures to Qatar through film, and so we are delighted to introduce local audiences to Francophone culture by means of the works of comedic master Jacques Tati.
Doha Film Institute pays homage to Jacques Tati with showcase of films entitled 'Master of Modern Comedy' Doha Film Institute, with the support of the French Embassy in Qatar and the Institut Francais du Qatar, celebrates the legacy of French comedian-auteur Jacques Tati with a special showcase of films entitled 'Master of Modern Comedy: Jacques Tati.
On sait que vous avez collabore avec une centaine de cineastes comme Jacques Tati, Roman Polanski, Alain Resnais ou encore Costa Gaveras.
Como ocurre en una imagen de su ultima cinta, Elpais de la abundancia (Pays de cocagne, 1971), la resurreccion de este comico y realizador remolca consigo montones de celuloide, y material referencial que ya era hora de editar: la influencia de su mentor Jacques Tati, con quien trabajo como asistente y disenador; la colaboracion con Jean Pierre Carriere (guionista de Luis Bunuel) y el Oscar que ganaron con un corto en 1963; la amistad con Federico Fellini, el homenaje y la reelaboracion del arte del payaso en Europa; el matrimonio con la actriz, payaso, musico y acrobata, Annie Fratellini, con quien fundo la Escuela Nacional de Circo (1974).
The visual influences include French filmmakers Jacques Tati (an early 20th century example of how a mixed-nationality family background can seemingly fuel artistic creativity) and Georges Mlis (whose pioneering cinema work was recently revisited in Scorsese's Oscar-nominated Hugo).
The building project is an unacknowledged (and ironic) emulation of French director Jacques Tati who, in preparation for his 1967 film "Play Time," spent vast sums of money to build a life-sized mock-up of a modernist, glass-faced city.
This helps account for the perennial appeal of the films of Buster Keaton, the Marx Brothers, Jacques Tati, and Jim Carrey.
In 2009 the trademark pipe of the late Jacques Tati, one of France's most enduring comic characters, was replaced with a yellow windmill in a poster campaign.
This year, that film was "The Illusionist," Sylvian Chomet's adaptation of an unfilmed script by great French comedy director Jacques Tati about a has-been Parisian magician trying to find his place in a world that no longer believes in magic.
Mon, Library Theatre) The Illusionist (PG) Based on an unmade Jacques Tati screenplay, Sylvain Chomet's 50s Edinburgh set animated tale of a washed-up illusionist finding salvation through a young girl's belief in his magic.
Beginning this month and till February 2011, we will pay tribute to the genius of Jacques Tati, who, with 6 movies, made a unique contribution to the history of comic cinema.
Set in 1959, and inspired by a story by the legendary French comedian Jacques Tati, The Illusionist is about a magician trying to make a living during the tail end of the music hall era.
of Economics, Turkey) provides essays and interviews with French filmmakers whose films span the silent period through the New Wave and beyond: Jean Renoir, Robert Bresson, Jacques Tati, Francois Truffaut, and Eric Rohmer.