Jacques Louis David

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French neoclassical painter who actively supported the French Revolution (1748-1825)


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Con un total de 172 piezas entre las cuales solo 37 provienen de la exposicion del Museo de Orsay--y en las que no se incluyeron autorias tan relevantes en Paris como Jacques Louis David, Guido Reni, William Blake, Egon Schiele, Giorgio de Chirico, David Hockney, Lucien Freud, Orlan, Ron Mueck y David La Chapelle--, la exhibicion del Munal devela tanto una acritica adaptacion del concepto frances como una arbitraria seleccion de arte contemporaneo mexicano.
It was later the home of the neo classical painter Jacques Louis David and still retains the facade of that house.
Like "The Raft of the Medusa" by Gericault or "The Sabine Women" by Jacques Louis David, these paintings depict gruesome moments in time by those who survived and wish for others to see those who have died so they can live.
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