Jacob's ladder

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pinnate-leaved European perennial having bright blue or white flowers

(nautical) a hanging ladder of ropes or chains supporting wooden or metal rungs or steps

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Richard, from Stoke, said: "When we got there, some guy asked if we liked Alicia Keys, and then told us that she was climbing Jacob's Ladder.
This week, we're using a little-known cut of beef known as Jacob's Ladder, or short rib.
Led by Jojo Soliman, Pure Force Rescue Corp CEO and over-all Rescue Team Leader of OPLAN NUEVA ECIJA 1, the team airlifted goods using AS350 B2 which is remodified to drop Jacob's ladder with rappelling/distributing rope for rescue and relief distribution.
I intend to treat the story presented in Jacob's Ladder as an allegory of the difficult process of a soul entering a transcendent world as understood in the perspective of Gnostic thought.
Number of Blocks and Finished Size 16 Jacob's Ladder Blocks 16" x 16"
Here's one to take your garden display to new heights - Polemonium, more commonly known as Jacob's Ladder.
774 Class Jacob's Ladder AEL-2-160013003 NSN 2090-01-510-0896 Lanyard Assembly NSN 4020-01-512-4806
The symmetry of this line of pylons interested me, especially in the way that they led to and away from the industrial complex, the structures of which can be seen in the background'; OPPOSITE: David Breen, Jacob's Ladder, London, England.
The reader will have to consult Jacob's Ladder (1939) for B.
Also known as Jacob's ladder, polemoniums thrive in fertile, well-drained soil and don't take an age to establish.
htm) six hikers became stranded on Jacob's Ladder .
31-year-old Graham Connell, from Castleford, West Yorkshire, was found dead in the Jacob's Ladder area on Monday, following a large-scale search for him and five other people who were reported overdue on Sunday afternoon.
Works in the exhibition included textile wall hangings in jewel-like colours like Paula Widdicombe's Jacob's Ladder and Penny Howe's Chalice; a large wood sculpture by William Fairbank; monochrome abstract paintings and charcoal drawings and the poems of Lucy Calcott; abstract paintings by John Armstrong; Anna Payne's watercolours and Artist's Book Glimpses of Heaven on Earth; three stained glass panels and Mary Stevens' vibrant oils; and a startling sculpture of a meteorite on selanite by Brian Ayling.
Adjacent to each poem or short story, are comprehension questions provided with notes explaining the exact Jacob's Ladder goals and objectives that are covered.
Jacob's Ladder - watch as electricity runs up the glass tube.