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United States writer of novels based on experiences in the Klondike gold rush (1876-1916)

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Jack London lived a life of extremes while becoming the best known author in the world.
The Work is comprised of the demolition of the Buildings and other City of Livermore property atl 105 West Jack London Blvd (Airport Horse Ranch).
Jack London Square offers us a gorgeous waterfront location in a diverse and thriving neighborhood.
Making a Heterosexual Man: Gender, Sexuality, and Narrative in the Fiction of Jack London" Rereading Jack London.
I must get down to the excellent local library, refresh my reading of Jack London and find out what happens in the next gripping instalment.
In the beginning, the idea was to make a site around business relationships," says Jack London, a Rio native and Internet pioneer in Brazil.
NEW RELEASES: Two 2003 zinfandels from Kenwood have just been released, the Sonoma County Reserve and the Jack London Vineyard, each at a suggested retail price of $20.
Phelan enjoyed hosting a stream of writers, poets, artists, and actors, including Jack London, Douglas Fairbanks and Edwin Markham, and over the years the house and its extensive grounds in Saratoga became a focus for artistic, intellectual and political life.
Classic Storytellers' chooses Jack London (158415263X), Mildred Taylor (158415-3113) and Katherine Paterson (158415-2680), each with 48 pages including chapter notes, a glossary, and plenty of facts suitable for reports--and for understanding the works of each writer.
These essays are collected from the presentations given at the fourth biennial meeting of the Jack London Society held at the Huntington Library in 1998.
The accompanying blurb describes the Jack London classic as "A fight for survival in bitter, harsh conditions".
Erickson takes readers to the lands of Jack London and Robert Service where he mingles with caribou, musk oxen, and polar bears.
With this translation, it emerged from the archives into academia to challenge a story published by Jack London in 1912 entitled "Ko'olau the Leper.
He tells us that the reading rooms had the central newspapers, classics and works by highly promoted American authors such as Jack London, as well as booklets on cooperatives and other topics of economic interest.