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United States film actor (1925-2001)

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Ford took a liking to young Jack Lemmon and began contriving new bits of comedy business for him, to the detriment of the rest of the movie.
Don't Mention: Critics who accused him of attention-seeking when he graciously gave Jack Lemmon his Golden Globe.
Watching Jack Lemmon fly cast is a situation comedy in itself," he said.
00pm (1968) (PG) Fastidious divorcee Jack Lemmon moves in with a slovenly sports writer (played by old sparring partner Walter Matthau) and proceeds to clean up his squalid apartment, leading to all manner of domestic discord.
Jack Lemmon never better than as the good-natured office drone who lends his apartment to his bosses for their extramarital affairs, and who has a crush on lift operator (and boss's bit on the side) Shirley MacLaine.
Ensign Pulver" (1964): Named after the character Jack Lemmon played in the 1955 war dramedy, only Lemmon isn't along for the ride here - and neither is Henry Fonda's Mr.
KENNETH FISHER, 57, a famous gay interior designer whose clients included Jack Lemmon, Angela Lansbury, and Fred MacMurray, of cancer at UCLA Medical Center, January 25.
Adapted from the Pulitzer-prizewinning play of the same name by David Mamet, it has everything from a script that doesn't waste a word, to a cast of actors - Kevin Spacey, Al Pacino, Alex Baldwin, Ed Harris, Alan Arkin - who Jack Lemmon says were the best he ever worked with.
The Odd Couple is always associated with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau.
Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis put on frocks and join her all-girl band to escape murderous gangsters.
With: Jack Lemmon, Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey, Alan Arkin, Ed Harris, Alec Baldwin, Jonathan Pryce.
CONCERN was growing yesterday over the failing health of screen legend Jack Lemmon.
Might as well ask Jack Lemmon over at the same time.
It became the Signal Corps Pictorial Center during World War II and helped to launch many careers, including those of Paul Newman, Jack Lemmon and Milos Forman.
Anthony Quinn, Jack Lemmon, Ben Gazzara, Paul Newman, Eli Wallach, all want to play .