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United States writer who was a leading figure of the beat generation (1922-1969)

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Perhaps the place to begin is with Wilding's story "The Girl Behind the Bar is Reading Jack Kerouac," from Scenic Drive (1976).
Her immediate claim to fame, her romantic involvement with Jack Kerouac from 1957-1958, should not obscure her own considerable merits as a writer.
His tree includes Winston Churchill, while Clinton is also a distant cousin of Camilla Parker Bowles and Jack Kerouac.
The book, which contains 32 poems, is the first of several books Kramer has already written and is said to "dwell on the psychedelic swirl that is modern life", including topics like the state of Florida's Native Americans, his fellow rockers, the twisted dichotomy of religion, On The Road scribe Jack Kerouac, the business of show, the Three Stooges, and modern/false idols.
You'll Be Okay: My Life with Jack Kerouac is the true-life memoir of Edie Kerouac-Parker (1923-1992), the first wife of famous novelist Jack Kerouac.
On this album Finn is also inspired by two great Catholic American writers--beat novelist Jack Kerouac and poet John Berryman (who died in the band's hometown of Minneapolis).
The debut novel of by Ted Pelton, Malcolm And Jack And Other Famous American Criminals is an intriguing merger of fact and fiction portraying the pop culture lives of Malcolm X and Jack Kerouac in the form of an "alternative history".
People who know only the Capote who dismissed author Jack Kerouac with the memorable slam 'That's not writing.
Jack kerouac stands at the cultural cross-roads of the 20th century, still one of the most enigmatic figures of recent history.
Spirit of adventure: Out of Africa by Karen Blixen, The Beach by Alex Garland, On The road by Jack Kerouac.
Yet, even though many Buddhist terms have passed into American popular culture - Jack Kerouac named a novel ``The Dharma Bums,'' Steely Dan a song ``Bodhisattva'' - the religion's complexities aren't always as easy to comprehend as the curators believe.
Some of these essays are rather age-specific (Bradway says she is in her 40s) and might not seem to appeal directly to high school students unless they too, for instance, have been deeply affected by the work of Jack Kerouac or John Mellencamp.
We even had the old Maniacs' classic, Hey Jack Kerouac, to keep us from bed.
And Jack Kerouac put his indelible kiss on Robert Frank's Americans.
One might turn to The Portable Jack Kerouac (Charters 1995b), Selected Poems (Ginsberg 1996), Collected Poems (Ginsberg 1984), Word Virus: The William S.