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United States comedian known for his timeing and delivery and self-effacing humor (1894-1974)

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People like Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Milton Berle and in this country, the brilliant Max Wall and Max Miller.
She tells me that the Hollywood host who, when asked for a cigarette by Dean Martin, directed him to the hallway where there were three cigarette machines on the wall, was Jack Benny.
Jack Benny is being held at gunpoint and the robber says, "Your money or your life.
He first acted under the name Alf Hill then changed it to Benny which many, according to his biographer Mark Lewisohn, say was a tribute to US comic Jack Benny.
The quotidian penny-pinching I'm talking about used to have a bad name indeed, in much the same way as "spinster" and "cardigan," as we know very well from Jack Benny.
come back ma perkins betty boop and jack benny i'm stuck in this
There are tax stories about Al Capone, Wesley Snipes, Andrew Mellon, Willie Nelson, Groucho Marx, Jack Benny, Anna Nicole Smith, Madonna, Liberace, Ronald Reagan, the Clintons, and Barack Obama.
Their topics include the discovery and presentation of Jewish folk music in Germany, the delicatessen as an icon of secular Jewishness, and Jack Benny and the American construction of Jewishness.
pounds 16,000 is the current bid on eBay for this glorious 1958 Silver Cloud I, once owned by US comedian Jack Benny (right).
It was always a shock to see him dressed in street clothes afterwards, greeting the members of his congregation as they filed out the door: Eddie Cantor, if he was in town, Sophie Tucker, Jack Benny, Milton Berle, Oscar Levant, Red Buttons, a young Frank Sinatra whom someone had invited along.
Legendary radio programs, including "The Jack Benny Show," "Burns and Allen," "The Whistler," "Suspense," "Lux Radio Theatre," "Gunsmoke" and more were produced there.
Was", Alan anecdotally recounts his associations with such diverse fellow actors and performers as Paul Whiteman, Tallulah Bankhead, Zero Mostel, George Burns, Jack Benny, Peter Lorre, Clifton Webb, Jane Russell, Mickey Rooney, Jane Powell, Roddy McDowall, Red Skelton, Sonja Henie, Dinah Shore, Bing Crosby, and others.
As their career flourished, they appeared on the TV shows of Ed Sullivan, Dinah Shore, and Jack Benny.
In 2003, Samuelson was elected into the National Radio Hall of Fame, joining such illustrious company as Jack Benny, Harry Caray, Arthur Godfrey, Paul Harvey, and Lowell Thomas.
In the golden age of radio, the republic survived product placement during soap operas and The Jack Benny Program without suffering an epidemic of obesity.