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(Bible) the archangel who was the messenger of God

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We started really to think how to remove the chemicals from where they are," Jabril said, or at least to move them from that vulnerable location.
Social Affairs Minister: Mabruka al-Sharif Jabril, as reported by ASHARQ AL AWSAT, or Fawzia Siyala, as reported by Reuters.
Mahmoud Abbas has the support of all Palestinians," Jabril Abu Qamail told the Anadolu Agency correspondent as he watched the Palestinian president on TV.
Earlier, the two leaders had flown into Tripoli airport amid tight security to be greeted by the head of the National Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdul Jabril.
Mr Jabril indicated that Britain and France would benefit from their support when it came to the awarding of contracts to rebuild the oil-rich North African state.
Shammam and interim Prime Minister Mahmoud Jabril were both mentioned in the letter.
I do not believe this event will alter the trajectory of the Somali conflict, although its long-term impact has yet to be seen," said Jabril Ibrahim Abdulle, director of the Somali Center for Research and Dialogue.
The document commits the INC - whose special envoy Mahmoud Jabril was in London for talks with Mr Cameron - to a "civil society that recognises intellectual and political pluralism and allows for the peaceful transition of power through legal institutions and ballot boxes".
Since the Secretary's - we have been gradually stepping up our contacts with them on a daily basis, and certainly you're all aware that the Secretary in Paris last week met with Mahmoud Jabril, a very prominent former official in Libya.
Jabril, a reformer who was once involved in a project toestablish a democratic state in Libya, is already the head of acrisis committee to cover military and foreign affairs.
Mustafa Jabril, 19, from Toxteth, wanted since June 13, 2008.
Whereas Jewish and Christian understandings of sacred scripture invite a human grappling with God's revelation (in Hebrew, "Israel," the name Jacob received after wrestling with an angel, means "you have struggled with God"), the Muslim understanding of the Qur'an as dictated by God through the angel Gabriel or Jabril and perfectly and completely transcribed by Muhammad encourages submission (the meaning in Arabic of "Islam") or surrender to the will of God and leaves less room for creative interpretation and religious self-criticism.
This hospital is a wonderful symbol of the relationship between the people of Ethiopia and America," Abdi Jabril Abubakar, president of the Somali Regional State, where the hospital is located, told guests, through an interpreter.
Jabril Rajub, the head of the West Bank Preventive Security Organization (PSO), stated in a press interview, "I don't agree with the Israelis that we should fight Hamas.
On August 25, 2003, Palestinian President Arafat named Jabril Rajub as head of security and Nasir Yusuf as Interior Minister in moves that challenged the leadership of Prime Minister Abbas, who had named Muhammad Dahlan as Minister of Security and held the Interior Ministry for himself.