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a terrorist group organized in 1970 to overthrow the Japanese government and monarchy and to foment world revolution

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Explain to the child that getting JRA is nobody's fault.
There is a lot of innovation at JRA and there are lot of exciting things happening.
JRA director Hisashi Suzuki earlier voiced fears that Yokohama could have set a precedent.
Table 1 Comparison of Chronic Idiopathic Childhood Arthritis Classification Systems: Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) and Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) Idiopathic Arthritides of Childhood: Current Nomenclature * JIA JRA Systemic arthritis Same Polyarthritis--RF negative Same Polyarthritis--RF positive Same Oligoarthritis Pauciarticular Extended oligoarthritis Pauciarticular onset, polyarticular course Enthesitis-related arthritis Not included Psoriatic arthritis Not included Other Not included * RF indicates rheumatoid factor.
They are involved especially in rheumatoid factor (positive) and the systemic form of JRA.
Uchida joined the top-tier JRA in March 2008 from the local circuit.
JRA is a boutique marketing and sensory research firm with four business practices.
In its decision, the ministry said the tax, the first to target the JRA, could hamper national economic policy.
We intend to call on the assembly to reject the tax bill,'' Hisashi Suzuki, director of the JRA, said at a recent press conference in Tokyo.
Prior to the development of the new model, JRA staff relied primarily on their clinical judgment to determine whether it was safe to place a youth in a community residential setting.
Recent installations at racecourses in Japan include a 977-inch screen for Biwako Kyotei (boat racecourse) in March 2008, 828-inch screen for Utsunomiya Keirin (bicycle racetrack) in March 2009, 587-inch screen for Maebashi Keirin in April 2009, 561-inch screen for JRA Sapporo Racecourse in June 2009, and 1,650-inch and 649-inch screens for Nakayama Racecourse in August 2009.
DUBAI PRINCE will join Racing Post Trophy winner Casamento in Dubai to bolster Godolphin's team of 2011 Classic hopefuls after he gave Sheikh Mohammed a second Group victory inside 48 hours in the JRA Killavullan Stakes on Monday, it was confirmed yesterday.
A betting format featuring high dividends often draws attention,'' senior JRA official Kaoru Obata said.
joins JRA with a wealth of experience in developing sensory and consumer research programs, leading global technical teams and forming strategic cross-functional partnerships.