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Synonyms for interpreter



Synonyms for interpreter

someone who mediates between speakers of different languages

someone who uses art to represent something

(computer science) a program that translates and executes source language statements one line at a time

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Fujitsu Laboratories' cycle-precise JIT compiler technology can perform separate real-time calculations for each core, so it can perform load-distribution that levels the load of each core, running high-speed cycle-level simulations that do not suffer in performance even when dealing with multiple cores.
However, the popularity of existing stack-based JIT compilers belies the limitations of stack-based intermediate representation when used as input for a JIT compiler.
In order to improve performance, JIT compilers often perform machine-dependent optimizations on the program code; this consumer-side optimization is sometimes enhanced by producer-side program annotations.
41, 31]), which may be slower than for stack-based counterparts, but could be used for program execution on platforms for which JIT compilers are not yet available.
IBM includes an optimizing JIT compiler in its IBM Developer Kit for Windows [Ishizaki et al.
Following inlining, the IBM JIT compiler performs general exception check elimination and common subexpression elimination based on program flow information.
At this point, the IBM JIT compiler generates native x86 machine code based on the extended bytecode representation.
Sun's Hotspot run time shows significant promise to outperform current JIT compiler run times.
JIT compilers can only speed up the Java part; they can do nothing about the operating system calls.
But to be honest, after comparing Java programs that use JIT compilers to normal C and C++ applications, it's still slow.
Linux users may port Metrowerks' JIT compiler to run on x86, Alpha and Sparc and other UNIX platforms that do not currently have access to a commercial quality JIT compiler.
With the Metrowerks JIT compiler technology and Blackdown's port of the Sun Java Development Kit, Linux will become a truly effective platform for both Java development and deployment," said Kevin B.
The tests measure the time it takes to load the program, verify the class files, compile on the fly if a JIT compiler is used, and execute the test.
Prior to Oblix, Mulchandani worked in the Developer Products Group at Sun Microsystems on compiler code-generation and optimization, and helped develop the JIT compilers for Java.
Through the introduction of JIT compilers, native thread support, and other general-purpose performance enhancements, server-side Java performance has improved by as much as 30 fold over the past year.