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a clandestine group of southeast Asian terrorists organized in 1993 and trained by al-Qaeda

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With the JIS certification in galvanized sheets and enameled steel coils, Sheng Yu saw gross profit margin stand at as low as 7.
The JIS investigation, conducted by more than 200 investigators from the Torrance Police Department (TPD), LAPD, FBI, and other local and federal law enforcement agencies, revealed that Washington, Patterson, and Samana, under the leadership of James, had taken part in all of these activities.
The bending properties of PF-bonded boards were relatively smaller than those of MDI boards, although both were sufficient to meet the JIS requirements for particle-board (JISC 1994).
Gonzales lavished praise on ``the work of able investigators at all levels of government'' in solving this case, law enforcement was as clueless about the JIS gang as was its British counterpart about the 7-7 bombers.
Over the past three years, the steel mill consistently has replaced failed tire couplings with the JIS 6-Pin in 70% of their operation.
JIS has had six editors from its inception in 1986 to the present: Joseph W.
Designated JIS 6-Pin, the design improves the no-tools elastomeric element locking system, adds six larger sizes extending maximum bore up to 9 in.
In an open letter, former Archives editor and JIS founder Harry Hagedorn said he started the title "because of the continued increase in the cost of institutional subscriptions.
It allows copyright to be retained by authors, with limited rights for JIS to maintain the articles online and in archives.
The 46 banks want to secure a foothold in the computer infrastructure needed to push the planned sale of their respective 401(k) pension policies by paying the money into the capital base of the JIS and T, they said.
The JIS [Committee's] Data Dissemination Policy and resulting licensing agreement to acquire public data appear to have been written with the idea of selling government data to companies for profit, with little or no regard for providing this public information to the public," Cuillier said.
Shift-JIS: JIS stands for "Japanese Industrial Standard.
TOKYO:6981) (ISIN: JP3914400001) has developed the world's smallest 0201 < JIS > size (0.
The JIS will bring together European and national standardisation organisations and bodies, industry, SMEs, consumer associations, trade unions, environmental organisations, Member States and the Commission.
com)-- More than 1000 candidates were selected for various jobs in the three-day Mega Job Fair 2014 Event organized by JIS Institute of Skill Development at its Patipukur campus.