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a pinpoint bomb guidance device that can be strapped to a gravity bomb thus converting dumb bombs into smart bombs

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According to the US Navy, the majority of navy weapons being employed in combat are 500lb (227kg); I000lb and 2000lb JDAM variants, namely the GBU-38/32/31, against fixed targets.
Called a powered JDAM (P-JDAM), the proposed system is expected to have a range of well over 100 nm when launched from medium altitude.
Instituting continuous competition throughout DoD acquisition programs could replicate the success of the JDAM model at a far grander scale, yielding significant benefits to our nation's warfighters as well as to the program offices that deliver capabilities to them.
The speeds at which we will eventually release the JDAM over the next couple of weeks will far exceed any current aircraft's JDAM envelope,'' Teichert said.
Considering that JDAM and WCMD are unpowered munitions, they offer some pretty good standoff range.
This combination of the JDAM and new communications systems made this new mission a reality.
The JDAM bomb system, which was developed expeditiously and offers remarkable military capacity, is a shining example of how to do it right.
Instead of demanding that contractors meet highly specific and technical requirements, Little, realizing that prices would drop if he just told potential contractors what the department needed in plain language, was able to call for a rebidding on the main JDAM contract, and see the competing companies come up with their own innovations, the price dropping by nearly half.
According to a pooled despatch from Gethin Chamberlain, of The Scotsman,Fedayeen militia were targeted by overnight bombing raids,in which 16 2000lb JDAM bombs were dropped on the city.
Like the LGB, the JDAM uses a general-purpose bomb body but attaches a GPS-guided tail kit to provide a near-precision capability.
The attack appeared to be by cruise missiles and precision guided JDAM bombs As the attack continued, explosions could be heard from the west side of the Tigris River where at least two of Saddam Hussein's palaces and the intelligence headquarters are.
It added: 'The 52nd Fighter Wing recently acquired the JDAM capability and for the first time tested the use of this weapon on F-16CJ aircraft by releasing two inert JDAMs.
The munition was believed to be a 2,000 lb satellite-guided bomb called JDAM, or Joint Direct Attack Munition, said Pentagon spokeswoman Victoria Clarke.
Pentagon spokeswoman Victoria Clarke said the American dead were special forces personnel and that five Afghan troops were also killed by the 2000lb satellite-guided JDAM, or Joint Direct Attack, bomb.
But Silverstein is so busy unearthing the bogyman revolution in military affairs, he doesn't see the iceberg that JDAM represents.