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The engineers of Japan deepened and widened the intricate system of canals, built factories and foundries, netted the empire with telegraphs and telephones, and inaugurated the era of railroad- building.
The West had awakened Japan, and, as Japan had then requited the West, Japan was not requited by China.
The Japan merchant proved a very punctual, honest man to him: protected him at Japan, and got him a licence to come on shore, which the Europeans in general have not lately obtained.
Having resolved upon this, we agreed that if our Portuguese pilot would go with us, we would bear his charges to Moscow, or to England, if he pleased; nor, indeed, were we to be esteemed over- generous in that either, if we had not rewarded him further, the service he had done us being really worth more than that; for he had not only been a pilot to us at sea, but he had been like a broker for us on shore; and his procuring for us a Japan merchant was some hundreds of pounds in our pockets.
I want to know how Japan became assured that America had no intention of going to war with her.
The target rate remained at zero until mid-2006, except for a brief period in 2000 when then Bank of Japan Governor Hayami tried unsuccessfully to raise rates.
In a country where there are a lot of "body shops," EDS has attempted to provide value-added services as a means of creating differentiation and earn sufficient profits to commit fully to Japan.
MADE IN JAPAN: Have students keep a daily log, noting everything they encounter that is from Japan (cars, clothing, entertainment, electronic equipment, foods, etc.
It was across this rainbow of adolescence, coloring the Japan Society in hues of lime and tutu pink, that Murakami attempted to bridge "Little Boy" and its subtitle: "The Arts of Japan's Exploding Subculture.
But Japan has been staunchly resisting such deal-making since T.
The Japan Institute for International Affairs was founded in 1959 at another such moment of vast global opportunity.
Soon, the satellites show something even worse to worry about: The unpredictable North Korean regime, sensing an opportunity amidst the chaos to flex its muscles, has begun preparations to launch intermediate-range missiles, which could hit American bases in Japan.
8) Long before the destruction of urban Japan, millions of Japanese flouted the law and braved arrest to procure goods, services, labour, and profits, the pursuit of which their government told them repeatedly was immoral and unpatriotic during a time of national crisis.
This indicates that job placement officers' advice has a strong influence over students' job choice in Japan.
Alex Kerr, a long-time resident of Japan and author of the acclaimed Lost Japan (1996) believes that nation suffers from a severe case of "dogs and demons.