J. D. Salinger

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United States writer (born 1919)

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It was heaven to have spent seven months on The Waverider, and then suddenly to be in the world of J.
Toward the end of his book, Rollyson turns to Ian Hamilton's work on J.
He said: "She made me first realise the possibilities of great literature - J.
According to the ALA, the most common targets of censorship in America for the period 1990-2000 include The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, The Catcher in the Rye by J.
Since that first sketchy announcement, details of the find have remained scarce and the "feathered" dinosaur has kept a lower profile than reclusive author J.
Random House, which sang a very different tune when one of its authors would have scooped J.
The winning author, Judy Parr, a publications engineer for a computer company, of Westerville, OH, won the $500 first prize for her essay seemingly written by former WorldCom CEO Bernard Ebbers in the words of J.
29 ( ANI ): Three unpublished works by American writer J.
NEW YORK -- An unauthorized and never-published biography of J.
com)-- Football greats, Dick Butkus and Johnny Unitas, film director Robert Zemeckis, screen stars Charles Bronson, Ann Jillian, and Ruta Lee, musicians Benny Goodman and Bob Dylan, author J.
Or, first, what we seemed like: she initially learned of us by reading the books of Judy Blume, Philip Roth, and especially J.
Prodded by woozy trombone, she sighs, "It's a perfect day for dying," in the mournful "Bananafish Revolution" (a nod to the J.
As the field is built, Shoeless Joe Jackson and the other members of the disgraced 1919 Chicago White Sox team appear and play ball, observed by the Kinsella family and <IR> J.
21), an "American Masters'' documentary about the late "The Catcher in the Rye'' author J.