J. Edgar Hoover

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United States lawyer who was director of the FBI for 48 years (1895-1972)

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The unfounded accusations that the Bonus Army had communist roots were the result of the efforts of a director at the Justice Department, 37-year-old J.
One scene actually depicts these forces of malevolence as they receive their orders, standing at attention in look-alike dark suits before huge portraits of their monstrous masters, FBI director J.
Over the next 60 years, the UCR Program was located in several different buildings in the Nation's capitol, including the J.
A lifelong bureaucrat and media genius/whore, whose career echoes those of J.
Williams takes a thoughtful, unflinching look at Marshall's "intense, unpublicized dance" with FBI Director J.
He contends that these agencies and officials worked for a conspiracy that included oil company executives, the president of Chase Manhattan bank, Richard Nixon, J.
Responding to pressure from France and England, the United States government unleashed J.
There are frequent and amateurish attempts at psychoanalyzing J.
As a small girl I knew the names of only two public officials -- the President and J.
But as beautiful as the new restaurant is, Nicholas has a long way to go before it commands the kind of loyalty J.
This tradition grew out of reforms that followed the often questionable behavior of former FBI Director J.
One day in 1938, two of the biggest names in US law enforcement may have parleyed there: FBI director J.
And that's exactly what it is, except the crank in question was J.
From the recent revelations about Ted Haggard, Mark Foley and James McGreevey all the way back to the ``uncloseting'' of Michael Huffington and, before him, J.
This is the same struggle described by Senator Joseph McCarthy, Robert Welch, Clarence Manion, Cleon Skousen, J.