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the eighth month of the civil year

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Iyar told the Qatari News Agency (QNA) that the conference, chaired by President of the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) also FANA's President Abdullah bin Fahd Al-Hussein, will focus on (Ethics, Efficacy in News Agencies Business).
Iyar, South Asian Water Concerns, South Asian Journal, April-June, 2005, pp: 1-23.
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The law which existed in Palestine on the 5th Iyar, 5708 (14th May, 1948) shall remain in force, in so far as there is nothing therein repugnant to this Ordinance or to the other laws which may be enacted by or on behalf of the Provisional Council of State, and subject to such modifications as may result from the establishment of the State and its authorities.
with Subrah Iyar, CEO of WebEx, discusses the future of on-demand business models and will be released in Q3 2007.
Cisco and WebEx share a vision of Web collaboration as a key to accelerating business processes and critical to durable competitive advantage," said Subrah Iyar, CEO of WebEx.
Table I The number of days to full moon for selected dates for the years 2000-2004 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 January 1 7 25 12 3 22 July 4 28 16 5 25 15 September 21 9 27 20 6 24 Table II The months and the number of days in each for ordinary years and for the leap years Ordinary Year Leap Year Month # of days Month # of days Tishri 30 Tishri 30 Marcheshvan 29 Marcheshvan 29 Kislev 30 Kislev 30 Tebeth 29 Tebeth 29 Shevat 30 Shevat 30 Adar 29 Adar I 30 -- -- Adar II 29 Nisan 30 Nisan 30 Iyar 29 Iyar 29 Sivan 30 Sivan 30 Tammuz 29 Tammuz 29 Ab 30 Ab 30 Elul 29 Elul 29 Total 354 Total 384 Table III The current 303rd 19-Year cycle Ordinal No.
Contextual communications is about giving users the flexibility to initiate Web meetings from within the specific context of their work," said Subrah Iyar, CEO of WebEx Communications, Inc.
The civil year consists of twelve lunar months--Tishri, Cheshvan, Kislev, Tebet, Shebat, Adar, Nisan, Iyar, Sivan, Tammuz, Ab, and Elul--which are alternately 29 and 30 days.
The existence of at-home fathers greatly enables and facilitates the careers of their working wives or partners," said Harrington, who co-authored the study with the center's Senior Research Associate Fred Van Deusen, and Research Assistant Iyar Mazar.
Tenders are invited for Replacing the existing gravity main from Chaithannya junction at Sankara Iyar road to Puzhakkal sump.
Near the end of April, a letter arrived from my synagogue, announcing that this year my mother's yahrzeit, the 22nd of Iyar, would fall on May 14.
At the time of its declaration on 14 May 1948 (5 Iyar 5708), the day before the British Mandate was due to expire, Israel consisted of only 806,000 residents.
Camping relies on  Genesis 7:11, explaining that the flood occurs "on the seventeenth day of the second month," or  17 Iyar of the then standard Hebrew calendar.