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incapable of dealing efficiently with practical matters


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For this reason, American corporations must make it clear they have no interest in being ethically audited, and certainly not being audited by a couple of ivory-tower ding-dongs keen to market yet another crackpot idea.
No ivory-tower theorist, this 49-year-old native Floridian says, "Students should not just talk about problems like global warming in the classroom.
Writing in an era in which the music scene was heavily dominated by ivory-tower figures, Feldman also tells us what the "outsider," like Charles yes or Harry Partch or himself, knows that the academician doesn't.
He sits not in the ivory-tower owner's box but in the stands behind the dugout and he hears what the customers are saying.
Bilingual education as practiced in California's public schools comes from an ivory-tower approach.
Please remember the Valley Trauma Center the next time someone tells you that CSUN is an uninvolved institution - an example of the hackneyed ivory-tower mythology that all too often engulfs America's universities.