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Russian writer of stories and novels and plays (1818-1883)

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Paskevich and his relationship with Ivan Turgenev and Tolstoy.
Paul is speculated to be the son of Ivan Turgenev because he suspiciously resembled Turgenev much more that Louis Viardot.
So they approached him for a role in the play which had been adapted from a novel by Ivan Turgenev called "Fathers and Sons".
Turgenev: A Bibliography of Books 1843-1982 by and about Ivan Turgenev with A Check-List of Canadian Library Holdings.
Among her perspectives are Alexander Pushkin's family life as moral saga, Nikolai Gogol as a case of orientalizing the orientalizer, becoming Dostoevsky, Ivan Turgenev and the ethnicity of love, the Russianness of Leo Tolstoy's body as a mirror of the Russian family crisis, and Rozanov's body politics in contemporary post-Soviet Russia.
Ivan Turgenev (1818-83), with his exotic subject matter, graceful prose and acute perception, was the first Russian writer to attract European readers and establish an international reputation.
In a succinct remark by Ivan Turgenev, we read the quintessential summary of the persistent meaning of the self-renewing, ageless antisemitism: "I hate Jews.
Though the four friends, Alexander Herzen, Mikhail Bakunin, Nicholas Ogarev, and Ivan Turgenev, come from the pages of history, Stoppard's inspiration springs from the book of life.
The radical writer and journalist Nikolai Dobroliubov so epitomized the "new man" of the Great Reform era that Ivan Turgenev was accused of using him as the model for the character Bazarov in Fathers and Sons.
One of his literary heroes, Ivan Turgenev, was living there.
Take Jason Butler Harner, holed up in the corner of Lincoln Center's rehearsal hall, devouring the life and letters of Ivan Turgenev, the real-life writer he portrays in Utopia.
He introduced his readers to the works of Thomas Hardy, Ivan Turgenev, Emile Zola, and Leo Tolstoy, whom he held up as models to his compatriots.
Sketches from a Hunter's Album by Ivan Turgenev (Penguin, 9.
Following in the footsteps of the great Russian novelist Ivan Turgenev, out Australian author Robert Dessaix takes us to Germany, France, and Russia in search of what exactly Turgenev meant by the word at the core of his life and world love.
There is also a mildly amusing portrait of Ivan Turgenev, who was not a revolutionary thinker but a novelist whose portrait of a nihilist in Fathers and Sons roused such hostility in Russia that he fled to the West.