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Russian physiologist who observed conditioned salivary responses in dogs (1849-1936)

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For health reasons, Ivan Petrovich has been expelled from school.
The Military Register recorded that in 1569/70 Ivan granted General Prince Ivan Petrovich Shuiskii discretion to decide where best to merge his "land" divisions with their oprichnina counterparts.
Perhaps best known among the scientists are Theodosius Dobzhansky, Julian Huxley, and Ivan Petrovich Pavlov.
SIR - Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (Russian psychologist) first described the phenomenon of classical conditioning after noticing that dogs salivate when they thought he was bringing them food.
Pushkin has been made a Christian author on the strength of identifying his views with those of Ivan Petrovich Belkin.
Before Harlow began his experiments with monkeys at the University of Wisconsin, psychology followed the wisdom of Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (lapsed seminarian, winner of the 1904 Nobel Prize) and his American counterpart, John Watson.
During this period he wrote the short story "Pikovaya dama" (1834; Queen of Spades, The); the four so-called little tragedies: Skupoy rytsar (1836; "The Covetous Knight"), Motsart i Salyeri (1831; Mozart and Salieri), Kamenny gost (1839; Stone Guest, The), Pir vo vremya chumy (1832; "Feast in Time of the Plague"); the five short prose tales collected as Povesti pokoynogo Ivana Petrovicha Belkina (1831; Tales of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin); the comic poem of everyday lower-class life Domik | Kolomne (1833; "A Small House in Kolomna"); and many lyrics in widely differing styles.