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formerly the basic unit of money in Italy

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Aligning strategies and actions to Value Creations goals has brought immediate results: net invested capital was reduced by 7 percent in 1997 versus the previous year, and the Value Creation measure improved from a negative figure of 1,176 billion Italian lira in 1996 to a positive one of 230 billion lira in '97.
By mid-August, the French franc and Italian lira strengthened against the German mark, reaching a thirteen-month high of FRF 3.
These currencies include the German mark, Dutch guilder, Italian lira and the French franc.
NOTE: Conversion rate used was 1 US$ to 2128 Italian Lira
I jumped for joy when the Euro was introduced as it was much easier to work out than converting millions of Italian Lira and Greek Drachmas and don't even go there with percentages - that is what aunts who are maths teachers are there for.
UBS announces today that it is making a cash tender offer in relation to five Swiss franc, euro or pound sterling subordinated bonds and six Swiss franc, euro, Italian lira or pound sterling senior unsecured bonds, for a maximum aggregate principal amount of EUR 1.
Guido Westerwelle, leader of the pro-business Free Democrats, noted: 'This is going to turn the euro into a soft currency like the Italian lira.
Euro notes and coins went into circulation across 12 EU countries on January 1, replacing traditional currencies such as the French Franc, Spanish Peseta, and Italian Lira.
In addition, Electrolux had to contend with strengthening of the krona and the Italian lira, which adversely affected its export-oriented operations in those countries.
We told him to explain to the supplier that we're a dollar company and don't understand Italian lira (after all, our representative in the transaction is a purchasing manager, not a treasury person), so we want the price in dollars.
The adjustment is largely the result of strengthening of the Belgian franc and weakening of the Italian lira.
As soon as Denmark voted against the Maastricht Treaty in June 1992, the exchange markets started to speculate against the Italian lira, the EMS' weakest currency.
For the year as a whole, the Italian lira and the British pound declined 20 percent and 18 percent respectively versus the U.
But maybe in American currency those big numbers mean nothing, like those Italian lira you've heard of.
Capitalization and financial leverage are expected to improve in the short term owing to a payment of about Italian Lira (ITL) 500 billion ($219 million), which SAI will receive for the sale of its 49% stake in Montepaschi Vita Assicurazioni (MPV; Api/--/--).
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