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formerly the basic unit of money in Italy

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This has altered the gap between the appreciating and depreciating currencies and thus forced the values of the Italian lira and sterling beyond their allowable variation from the average EC currency value:
As soon as Denmark voted against the Maastricht Treaty in June 1992, the exchange markets started to speculate against the Italian lira, the EMS' weakest currency.
In the ensuing weeks, an exchange crisis swept through the EMS and related currencies that entailed interventions of unprecedented size, large changes in interest rate differentials within Europe, a small cut in German official interest rates, two realignments, the suspension of the pound sterling and the Italian lira from the ERM.
The 12 national currencies being replaced by the euro from January 1 are the French franc, German mark, Spanish peseta, Dutch guilder, Italian lira, Greek drachma, Irish punt, Austrian schilling, Portuguese escudo, Belgian franc, Luxembourg franc, and Finnish markka.
In this environment, funds that had been invested in higher-yielding European currencies, such as the Italian lira, French franc, and Spanish peseta, were suddenly pulled out and reinvested in the mark.
This means that unless British holidaymakers reconvert their hoarded Spanish pesetas, Italian lira and French francs back into sterling they will become worthless pieces of coloured paper.
BCI is one of the leading commercial banks in Italy, with total assets of Italian lira (ITL) 223 trillion (US$135 billion at ITL1,650 to US$1) at June 30, 1998.
In particular, the Italian lira remained at the top of the narrow band throughout the period and the Spanish peseta moved to the top of its wider band.
There were signs recently of a run on the Italian lira and the Finnish markka.
In fact, an adjustment of the EMS was announced on January 5 to accommodate a request from the Italian government to bring the Italian lira within the narrow band of the exchange rate mechanism of the EMS.
Priced at around 5,500,000 Italian lira (about $2450), the Geonav 11 will ship in volume in January 2001.
While this move is in line with MPS's strategy of strengthening its presence in the rich northern regions of Italy, the Italian lira (ITL) 2.
In 1997, Lazio's health-care deficit more than doubled, rising to Italian lira (ITL) 1,378 billion (about $854 million) from ITL652 billion in 1996.
16, 1992 and has been structured to suit institutional, corporate, and retail investors by offering an investment policy that focuses on high-quality, liquidity, and low-risk income bearing instruments as a direct alternative to Italian lira deposits.
BAM is a midsize regional cooperative bank in Italy with consolidated total assets of Italian lira (ITL) 18.
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