Italian greyhound

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a toy dog developed from the greyhound

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We Italian greyhounds, for instance, are supposed to have long slender legs, a long neck, and a long and pointed face.
A cosmic zap later leaves Owen hearing every word Hubble says - not to mention the squawkings of his walking pack, which include assorted stereotypes (vain poodle, dumb boxer, nervous Italian greyhound, etc.
ANDREA WOOLLEY, of Stepney Road, Stoke, Coventry, went continental for her pet - a two-year-old Italian greyhound called Tegan.
George Hubmann, 7, of Eugene, brought Angel, an Italian greyhound, to the south Eugene church.
AN Italian greyhound has healed the broken bond between Madonna and Sandra Bernhard.
She is enjoying her birthday with her husband, loved ones and her adorable blue italian greyhound puppy Dourtney
Lotsa de Cash a is the book's Italian greyhound who is the richest creature in the world but who is desperately unhappy.
He brought his two dogs, a miniature pinscher named Lulu, and Kiki, an Italian greyhound, to Petco on Friday to have their nails clipped.
She credits Lily, an Italian greyhound "puppy mill mom" she rescued that day, for giving her the inspiration and tenacity to make that dream come true.
According to minutes of the hearing, Alan and Angie Govatsos of 16 Bay Road called animal control after Daisy allegedly attacked their dogs, Casey, a beagle, and Sophie, an Italian greyhound, both 10, on two occasions.
Dawn Davies pictured holding her Italian greyhound which took third prize at Crufts earlier this month.
Oliver, a 3-year-old Italian greyhound who has competed in agility trials for less than a year, flashed over obstacles, up one side and down the other of two boards fitted into an A-shape, and across a teeter-totter with human partner Debbie Mangold.
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