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(Old Testament) a son of Jacob and a forebear of one of the tribes of Israel

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See, for example, Benjamin Youngs to Union Village, OH, "Beloved Elder Ebenezer," after December 25, 1805, WRHS IV A 66; Letter from Lebanon, Ohio, to New Lebanon, March 19, 1806 (signed by the six Eastern Shakers then in the region, David Darrow, John Meacham, Daniel Moseley, Solomon King, Issachar Bates, Benjamin Youngs), Item 1048, Andrews Shaker Collection, Winterthur Library; David Darrow, Union Village, OH, to Mother, New Lebanon, NY, January 12, 1807, WRHS IV A 67.
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Leon John Merchant Caleb Powell Martin David Mills Jesse Mills Wayne Maurice Garr Jacob Beam Yvonne Marie Diamond Hamm John Diamond Grace Elizabeth Compeer Jacob Mabie Grace Elizabeth Compeer Solomon Mabee John Joseph Noble Issachar Currier Lorie Jane (Quick) Neufeld John Alexander Quick Linda Lee (Quick) Townsend John Alexander Quick Laura Jean (Quick) Bartel John Alexander Quick Michael Prescott Gleason Henry Bulyea Viola Patricia Huth Jesse Bigelow Reginald Edward Hickmott Simon Girty Irvin Francis Diamond John Diamond Jane L.
Issachar Miron, composer of the ubiquitous song "Tzena Tzena," died January 29 at 95, according to a New York Times obituary published this week.
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But there is a coda: Paul Schmidgall and Ruth Kark conclude this collection with a sociological study of the settlements created in the 1960s and early 1970s by two separate German pietistic groups, the Emma Berger Society (Bethel) and Maon Issachar (Freie Christenge-meinde Schorndorf) in the small town of Sichron Yaa-kov south of Haifa.
259-271 (selections from Martin Buber, Andre Schwartz-Bart, Jacob Glatstein, Yoel Teitelbaum, Issachar Teichthal, Judah Magnes, Martin Buber, Zvi Elimelekh Herzberg, and Arthur Hertzberg)
When King David gathered his forces to establish his kingdom we are told about the training, weaponry and fighting skills of the tribes that joined him, except for one tribe, Issachar.
Miriam Rodriguez for typing the manuscript and to Rabbi Issachar Frand of Baltimore, Maryland, for providing the reference material.
2219, 2222 (1989) (arguing for a single non-bifurcated theory of constitutional procedure);see also Issachar Rosen-Zvi & Talia Fisher, Overcoming Procedural Boundaries, 94 VA.
He will lead the Issachar Fund Initiative, a Christian foundation that provides grants and programming for scholars and church groups to engage in dialogue with leaders of today's scientific culture.
This project was made possible by an endowment from the inheritance left by the potter-couple Issachar and Judith Benyamini specifically for the ceramic arts.
240 (1975) (discussing Congress's authority to expressly authorize fee-shifting statutes as an exception to the American Rule); see generally Issachar Rosen-Zvi, Just Fee Shifting, 37 Fla.
But we can find hope in the story of the Israelites, who, after drifting from their faith and coming under siege in their own land, shunned their false idolatry and pushed back the invaders with God's help: "The men of Issachar understood the times that they lived in, and they knew what to do," she says, referring to one of the 12 tribes of Israel.