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a native or inhabitant of Israel

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While the left condemns Israel's full-scale attack on southern Lebanon in response to being purposely baited by Hezbollah, Human Rights Watch also describes a litany of war crimes committed against Israel, including the indiscriminate use of Katyusha rockets against Israeli populations and terrorism.
All that was needed was a triggering event, and one materialized on June 25 when Gilad Shalit, a corporal in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), was kidnapped by guerrillas linked to the Hamas terrorist group (which controls the elected Palestinian government) in a cross-border raid.
The ailing prime minister told some officials that negotiations with the Jordanians would soon bring Israeli control of the West Bank to a close and assured others he was determined to maintain a presence in the area that would forever end the nation's geographic vulnerability.
Jostling with one another, the combination of both views explain, in part, the inner workings of the Israeli society as much as they illuminate on the inner tension of Israeli society.
By September 12, the Israeli military had demolished the settlers' empty houses and left Gaza as well.
In her report, Sasson targeted 105 "unauthorized" West Bank settlements, secretly financed by several Israeli ministries and, in at least 54 cases, built on Palestinian property.
It has a superb cast led by handsome Israeli star Lior Ashkenazi as Eyal, the agent, with the German actors Knut Berger as the young man, Axel, and Carolina Peters as his sister, Pia.
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has announced that he will remove all Jewish settlers from Gaza and four West Bank settlements next year.
On the way to the border from Amman, my Palestinian driver, an otherwise amiable fellow, told me how Israeli women tourists would cross the border to infect Jordanians with AIDS by sucking on toothpicks and putting them back on restaurant tables.
There is a movement on American college campuses calling for divestment from companies that do business with Israel; in Europe, hundreds of academics have signed a petition urging a moratorium on research grants to Israeli scholars.
To Mubarek Awad, the inside of an Israeli jail cell was nothing new.
Our observation of a peculiar PstI profile allowed a presumptive identification of one of the two tick isolates as belonging to the Israeli spotted fever rickettsiae, while the other showed a restriction profile corresponding to that of R.
The camp hosted more than 300 Israeli teens, ranging in age from seventh to tenth grade, who came upon these American shores to spend a summer at camp.
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