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(chemistry) the mass of an atom of a chemical element expressed in atomic mass units

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Supply and installation of an isotopic mass spectrometer for 13c and 15n measurements, coupled with an elemental analyzer and a gaseous and carbonate sample preparator for the ecosys unit of the inra ile-de-france-versailles-grignon center.
In LA-ICP-MS plume constituents are transported to a plasma torch before being introduced to a mass spectrometer for elemental and isotopic mass identification.
Although the most abundant isotopic mass of a protein or peptide is readily detectable experimentally, it may differ by up to 1 Da from the theoretical mass of the most abundant isotopic species because of the experimental variability of ion abundances (47).
fossil/ biomass partition in EC compared to PAH), and through application of the principle of isotopic mass balance.
A second, vital contribution of the carbon isotopes to the quality of the overall characterization of SRM 1649a particulate carbon, is the assessment of isotopic mass balance--i.