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(chemistry) the mass of an atom of a chemical element expressed in atomic mass units

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Supply and installation of an isotopic mass spectrometer incl.
Although the most abundant isotopic mass of a protein or peptide is readily detectable experimentally, it may differ by up to 1 Da from the theoretical mass of the most abundant isotopic species because of the experimental variability of ion abundances (47).
fossil/ biomass partition in EC compared to PAH), and through application of the principle of isotopic mass balance.
A second, vital contribution of the carbon isotopes to the quality of the overall characterization of SRM 1649a particulate carbon, is the assessment of isotopic mass balance--i.
For SRM 1649a, however, where only about 40 % of the carbon, on average, is biogenic, there is a wealth of information contained in the varying contributions of fossil and biomass sources to different chemical species, as well as the aforementioned opportunity to use isotopic mass balance for an extra measure of quality control.