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type and genus of the Isoetaceae and sole extant genus of the order Isoetales

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In this context, analyses of chromosome numbers are a useful tool to understand the taxonomy and the diversification of Isoetes, providing valuable information on: genetic discontinuities within and among species (Windham and Yatskievych, 2003), evolutionary origins of particular lineages (Grusz et al.
Pollen and spores from semi aquatic plants such as Cyperaceae, Sphagnum and Isoetes are present in moderate amounts and the ratio of charcoal to pollen is low.
There are no known existing investigations of the diversity, distribution, and ecology of Isoetes (Isoetaceae) in Kamchatka (northern Russian Far East).
Synopsis of Isoetes in the southeastern United States.
Isoetes viridimontana is distinguished from other Isoetes species in northeastern North America by its size (less than 5 cm high) and granulate to rugulate megaspore texture.
Microspores of the 24 species of Isoetes that grow in southern
The species concept in pteridophyta with special reference to isoetes.
Hydrochemical Characterization of A Stand of the Threatened Endemic Isoetes malinverniana.
Several species are restricted to aquatic habitats, including the endangered endemic water clover fern, Marsilea villosa and the rare lycophyte, Isoetes hawaiiensis (Isoetaceae).
Phylogeny and biogeography of Isoetes (Isoetaceae) based on nuclear and chloroplast DNA sequence data.
Genetic consequence of restricted habitat and population decline in endangered Isoetes sinensis (Isoetaceae).
Traditionally, megaspores have been the most important character in determining Isoetes species, commonly known as "quillworts," due to their size and surface patterns.