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an isle and county of southern England in the English Channel

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The pilot scheme launched by the Isle of White Primary Care Trust will allow teenagers who approach the chemist for the morning after pill to also get a month's supply of the contraceptive pill.
Her latest comments come after she got into bother by saying the Isle of White was a place where homosexuals could expect to be flogged.
Major John Henry Crane, who was High Sheriff of Worcestershire in 1888, wed Annie Georgina Washington-Turner in the 1870s, after they met at Shanklin on the Isle of White and enjoyed a whirlwind romance.
After a few run-ins, Marvin, Aston, JB and Ortise are now thought to have had enough of the grime group with reports Fazer was 'perving' over Marvin's girlfriend at the Isle of White Festival.
They have also appeared at events such as the Isle Of White Festival and 'T' in the Park.
Sharon Milner, who manages the pub in Ryde, on the Isle of White, came up with idea after failing to find a buyer for a year.
One of the most exciting new live bands in the country, it's been quite a summer for Golden Silvers with festival shows at Glastonbury, V Festival, Isle of White, Latitude and Bestival plus tours with Mystery Jets, Micachu, Crystal Castles and Pete And The Pirates.
The headline contained a spelling error and should have read Isle of Wight Planning Permission Extension, not Isle of White Planning Permission Extension, as issued inadvertently by PRN.
Since August I've been all over the country interviewing bands for Radio One which has meant a few flights to Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Brighton, Isle of White, London and Exeter and Newport
John, who arrived in the Welsh capital after the war to clear gun sites, told the newspaper: "I came from the Isle of White and first came to Cardiff to work for Sherman's Pools.
Did he mention Cornwall, or the Isle of White, or Wales or the Midlands much?
The development comes two years after teenager Michael Molloy and Kerry Ogden, 23, were killed while travelling back to Liverpool from the annual festival on the Isle of White.
Headlined the Isle of White Scooter Rally 1999 when more than 2,000 scooters travelled over to the island.
Yesterday, tributes poured in for the 50-year-old, who was originally from the Isle of White, from shocked neighbours and friends.
I have matched him against Jay Morris, from the Isle of White, who has won 15 of his 40-odd fights.